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New PS/console player coming from years on PC

Content of the article: "New PS/console player coming from years on PC"

Hello PS world! I honestly thought I would never make this post, but here we go:

Never have I owned, actively played, read about, (any verb) anyhing PS or console related. I played PC games for the last 20ish years exclusively. I didn't like the small joystick idea, I have big hands, the graphic seemed always worse on consoles, idea of a FPS game with a controller was and still is WTF for me, heck I even play Rocket League and/or every PES game on keyboard (and I enjoy it, used to it in all these years). Ofc I know about some classic old school PS4 games, played a few at a friends house when i was a kid. Last thing was Crash Bandicot, Tony Hawk and Quake back in the day. And years later I remember being angry for the first Red Dead Redemption and the Last of US not being on PC.

I work a lot and don't have much time except in the afternoon a few hours which i usually spend playing PUBG, Witcher 3, Dayz, RL, Project cars 2, War Thunder, (u name it)… Recently I bought a huge 4k tv and was considering the idea of buying a PS4 pro and a few 'must have' games. By must have I mean a PS game which is best played on a console, supports 4k, isn't too much grind, is a 'omg dude u have to play that if u haven't yet'. I was considering buying Last of Us part 1 and 2 and Grand Turismo.

The thing is, I like the idea of lying on the couch with a wireless controller and enjoy the 4k quality and awesome graphics, lag/whatever problems free, plug and play, L2 R2 input for racing(that kinda got me as well). And since PS5 is coming out, the price is ok.

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What are those 'must have' games I have been missing out on the experience? Do i need anything else except the console/joysticks pack? Is it better to have games on a CD or do you buy them online and download it on the console like on Steam?

Thanks for all the help in advance, and I apologize if some questions seem stupid.

Actually I'm thinking of walking in a store near by right now to purchase my first console/PS4 pro with 2 controllers, just waiting for a few answers of what games should I get at the store and should I even buy a PS4 considering my post. 🙂

TLDR What games/accesories should I buy for the PS4 pro? PC player coming to console for the first time.


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