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New World First Impressions (including Character Creation)

TLDR/Summary at bottom.

For reference, I have played many, many mmorpgs over the years (including Helbreath, WildStar, SWTOR, LOTRO etc.), but recent major mmos I've played (but have had issues with) include:

  • WoW
  • BDO
  • PSO2
  • GW2
  • ESO

My impressions of New World are:

  • Art Style
    • Very conquistadors/pirates of the caribbean vibes (to be expected)
    • Stands out just for being different from the usual medieval fantasy crowd (with some similarities of course)
    • Personally prefer the medieval fantasy aesthetic, but actually ended up really liking NW's aesthetic whilst having reservations/lack of interest before playing
    • Intro cinematic is cool, but nothing hugely memorable or technically mindblowing
  • Graphics & Performance
    • The game looks great and is also running great for me on a 5 year old pc that's nothing special (rtx 960)
    • I was getting 30fps consistently in all areas – no crashes/bugs etc.
    • Had some "teleporting" type bugs when moving sometimes, but that's most likely due to server lags caused by huge numbers of people crowding during the beta
    • The engine does foliage really well and natural objects/environments look great (e.g. rocks, cliffs, bushes etc.)
    • Character models are a bit bland
  • Character Creation
    • Only one body type per gender (2 genders)
    • Only one race (human)
    • Selection of facial presets, but no customization options
    • Disability friendly facial options available e.g. birth marks, vitiligo
    • No selection of voice options
    • For some reason there's no proper brown eye colour, (even though a lot of ppl have brown eyes, myself included…)
    • Good selection of hairstyles and rendered decently without thick hair looking blocky or strands of hair/curly or wavy hair looking "wiry"
    • Very good selection of facial hairstyles (beards/moustaches etc.)
  • Story/Questing
    • same generic mmorpg quests of gather 10 boar tusks etc.
    • all quest dialogue so far seems to be voice acted, and voice acted pretty well
    • the idea of aeternum being a supernatural island where the normal laws of nature don't apply is pretty cool, but will need to see more of the story to assess how it's implemented over time (good concept though)
  • Gameplay
    • simple, fun gathering/crafting system
    • standard gear slots (hands/feet etc.)
    • has stamina and mana power systems (stamina powers dodging/blocking)
    • animations are good and the movement/smoothness feels very good, especially compared to other mmorpgs
    • however combat was very meh for me personally
    • 3 skills per weapon and 2 weapons can be alternately swapped in combat
    • Additional basic attack, strong basic attack (by holding basic attack button), dodge roll, and block
    • way too simple and doesnt have any depth, from initial impressions
    • would've preferred addition of standard action mechanics e.g. parrying,
    • HOWEVER to be very clear the combat is NOT boring either
  • Summary/TLDR
    • went into the beta with low expectations (new game studio + backed by company with no experience in game development) and was very pleasantly surprised
    • game is getting A LOT right
    • for me personally, good/deep/challenging/rewarding combat is a must, in any game not just mmorpgs (yes, even in Mario Party) and so far it's not been that
    • HOWEVER to be very clear the combat is NOT boring either and they can very easily improve on the current combat with minor changes e.g. increasing the number of skills per weapon from 3 to 5/adding parrying to the basic attack and blocking system/
    • The beta has made me very interested in this game and I am now tantalised enough to buy it


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