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New World is the best MMORPG to release in 5 years change my mind.

Hate the game or love it it's the best we've gotten in 5 years and that's a fact and sad. I'm going to list ALL the MMORPGs I feel deserving to be mentioned and you can get a perspective on how dead they all are. I am on the fence that New World is a great game. I'm 36. Born in 1985 I grew up with EQ1 in 1999-2004 and I've played every single MMORPG I can get my hands on. Played FFXIV for 4 years. BDO for 5 are my most recent so I have quite a bit of knowledge on those.


Black Desert Online 2016 – Best game that has released since New World. Stunning graphics. Crisp, clean fluid combat. Satisfying movement and weighted attacks. Interesting node system. Endless progression. Robust and flexible fishing system. Trading and market prices were influences by players. OH NO BOTS TOOK THIS GAME OVER! said no player ever because Pearl Abyss ACTUALLY knew what they were doing as far as the no trading thing and market fixed prices were concerned. Sounds and immersion I haven't felt in a video game and more lens flares than a fucking Michael Bay film all destroyed by a bullshit cash shop and greedy dickheads. Oh and awakenings…yeah they killed the game too and all these goofy super armors and now everyboy has a grab and uggghhh. Yuck.

Riders of Icarus 2016 – Long dead. Cool dragon taming idea. No marketing. No substance. P2W trash.

Revelation Online 2016 – TERA copy paste. Trash. Dead within 30 days of release

Blade and Soul 2016 – Was actually a good fucking game for 3 months until bots took over. Now Blade and Bots err Soul just died shortly after. Gil spammer and RMT dealers would legit BLANK OUT the entire chat box (anybody remember that?) nobody cared on the development side and everybody left.


Closers 2017 – Lasted a month. Waifu cash grab garbage that got bombarded with terrible Steam reviews after cash shop was revealed.

Kritika Online 2017 – Same as above

Albion Online 2017 – Full loot PVP with small P2W features that actually has attracted an audience over the years. Respect to the absolute maniacs that enjoy this style of gameplay.


Legends of Aria 2018 – Lol

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse 2018 – "Hi I'm Steve, not the scammer just Steve. I didn't get rich by scamming people out of money in a pyramid scheme 6 years ago. I'm making a shitty MMORPG but first I need money, yes your money. More money actually. Here play this shitty melee BR with a cash shop that'll fund the MMORPG. Oh it flopped? Oh well it was just to "test the combat" I wasn't serious or anything teehee. Give me more money by the way? Later this year in 2018 I'll make and speak in 3 different videos swearing Ashes of Creation is being released in 2021. Funny how people forget huh? Give me money."

Bless Online 2018 – Lol

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth 2018 – Actually respectable DLC for a game that was actually dying. Has been completely downhill since however.

MapleStory 2 2018 – MapleStory 1 but just way shittier for no reason

Black Desert Online Moble 2018 – I'm including this because it's just a better version of the retail version of the game. But it's still P2W trash

SoulWorker 2018 – Same as Kritika and Kutzpel and Closers


Astellia Online 2019 – Died in 9 months. Servers closed. That's how bad this game was.


Fallout 76 2019 – Free hacks. Free cheating. No PVP. No fun. No content. No NPCs. Out of bounds. Ripoff whiskey campaign. Dufflebag drama and scandal. NO NPCS AGAIN. Why does this game exist?

TERA classic server 2019 – 59 people showed up.

ArcheAge Unchained 2019 – 3rd time's a charm right boys? P2W features introduced only 4 months after players got sick of spamming a laundry list of dailies. They'll get it right the 5th time right guys?

2019 was a rough one boys


Phantasy Star Online 2 2020 – Let's release a game 8 years late. Then let's release it again in 2021 a year later under the name "New Genesis". Cool.

TemTem 2020 – Pokemon style game with 0 MMORPG features yet advertised itself as an MMORPG nontheless


Swords of Legends 2021 – With all the drama with China, scandals involving Riot games and Activision Blizzard and just general oppression of people following the global pandemic I don't think anything with the label "Chinese inspired" was going to do well. But the 1200 people still playing probably would argue that

Phantasy Star Online New Genesis 2021 – Just stop

Crowfall 2021 – Around 5 years too late. Almost everything promised they didn't deliver on. Everything was wonky from graphics, animations, cutting fuckin trees didn't even work properly. Server stability was terrible and it was DOA

Elyon 2021 – Man the publisher of BDO (Kakao) really wanted this to be a hit huh? First it was a sub model. Ok. Then it wasn't. Then it was. Then it's beta was dead. Then they had a 2nd beta (last month) and nobody cared. You had to have a pre-order to get it. Then they were having influencers give keys out. I think it was something around 15,000 keys. I counted 1 guy had 10,000 to give himself. A few others has 2,000-3,000. Still nobody cared. Then 2 days later they said "OK WATCH A TWITCH STREAM FOR 1 HOUR YOU CAN PLAY :D". Still nobody cared. New World dropped and they delayed LOL. A literal TERA asset flip. Will be P2W trash.


Agree? Disagree? I'll argue with you all afternoon in the comments section I got 6 more hours at work. I'm an aerospace engineer and I'm bored, as fuck.

New World isn't perfect (allow me to trash the game for a few minutes). The mobs are all the same. Skeletons, wolves, zombies, a few ghosts and a few bears and that's pretty much it. Landscapes are still the same copy pasted all around the world. The quests are absolute trash. F tier questing system holy fuck it's bad.

But everything else about that game is god tier. Yes the combat is the best in any MMORPG of the last 5 years since BDO. It's the best. Crafting is 2nd to FFXIV. FFXIV has a great crafting system but a super unsatisfying gathering system. New World is the opposite and similar in a lot of ways. Housing system is nice and the bonuses are awesome. The no fast travel and penalties for being encumbered are a welcomed change. The market board is different in every town is a refreshing new take and is triggering zoomers all over the globe. The 50v50 sieges are pretty good but AGS needs to stabilize these servers. The endgame isn't bad ableit you are really just trying to god roll crafted items but it's still fun.

I've never had more fun cutting trees, scooping water and chasing flowers in a game I'll blink twice and it' 6 fucking am. Game came out last tuesday and I already have almost 90 hours on it. Disgusting.

I'll say it again. NEW WORLD IS THE BEST MMORPG WE'VE HAD IN 5 YEARS (maybe longer). Change my mind. Or don't.


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