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NFS Heat: I really dont get the hype (total rant)

My god I tried really hard to keep playing but man its is super duper grindy. If you dont like grindy games stay away from this one. All of its story content is locked by pretty insane level reqs like at the start of the game at like level 2 you need to grind up to level 7 to even start the first level with ana? Then hit 11 before the next batch. You could progress really fast but it's not like you can race all night in your shitbox car at level 137 that has no hope of ducking the cops on heat level 2.

It's gotta the most infuriating game I have ever played. Very rarely have I wanted to drop the difficulty in games but man if you dont it's just broken. I swear theres rubberbanding, I know it's a conspiracy but there has to be. There is just no chance my porche Cayman is getting out raced by a freaking scion. It's not even like their performance level is even better than mine hell I'm at 292 and hes at 250something, its 260 race bro like my car is built to smoke people on roads and somehow I'm getting beat by like over 200 metres? Most of the time if your ahead there is only one car in race that can even have a dream of catching you because no joke even on hard sometimes I was getting close to lapping people (granted it was a 8 car race but point still stands)

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Even if your ahead by miles if you even skin a car all of a sudden the guy behind you is magically hitting 300 mph out of nowhere in a civic. It feels like performance doesnt matter when you get in events but dont even try to race if your below the recommended level because then magically all of a sudden then and only then will you hopelessly get smacked. You'll be finishing like 5th or 4th and barely making enough to make it worth racing.

Dont even get me started on the dang cops cause that's a joke. Totally and utterly broken you have no chance above heat level 3 of beating them in your shitbox. The damage system just makes no sense whatsoever like if a rangrover racer hits me it's like barely any damage but all of a sudden some guy with a Corvette just nudges you and you fly off and lose half your health! Even when I've gotten to gas stations somehow a cop kamikazes me the minute I repair the car and they claim they got there first even if I clearly repaired the car and proceed to lose like 4 races worth of respect.

The story is universally considered meh (for nfs standards) i mean the racing in general is pretty good. Better than 2015 but man oh man this game drives me crazy. Never been so close to throwing a controller. Now theres been alot of heat requirement races and I just cant do this it's not even remotely fun anymore. I kept playing for the car customization which is really good like close to forza level stuff. If you really fall in love with the racing which for awhile I was maybe you can get through it but I really dont like it anymore. Not sure why people love this game so much just drives me nuts. Maybe I'll come back to it but likely not anytime soon. Also the music is awful, just awful.

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