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Nier Automata has blown me away

Content of the article: "Nier Automata has blown me away"

So up until recently I’d never ever heard about this game, which is odd because while I don’t often play games at launch I’m usually aware of what the next big games are. This was actually recommended to me but even then all I knew was that there was a long intro with no save points.

And right at the end of this intro, I died. And at this point I didn’t want to continue. Games that rely on backtracking from old save points (eg. Dark souls) are just not enjoyable for me. Having said this I’m so glad I tried once more.

As soon as the game begins this mechanic is ditched. And I guess the best part about this game is you never quite know how the gameplay will change next. Maybe it’ll be a side scroller. Maybe it’ll be a platforming boss fight. Might be doing open world fetch quests for a while.

The world is small but familiar, you learn every inch of the map instead of wondering around wastelands. Difficulty relies on timing, but not crucially so it’s easy for newcomers and there’s not much of a learning curve.


Later in the game you hit another point where you are required to play a section over. And again this put me off straight away. I love story driven games because of the lack of repetition. However I ended up loving doing this and the way the game develops after made it completely worth it.


I haven’t even mentioned the story, but this is where the game excels the most. I became totally attached to these characters, I was stunned by the plot twists and I’ve been unable to stop thinking about the story and it’s message since I finished the game.

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Nothing about this game appealed to me at a glance but from giving it a go I’ve found it to be one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. A truly unique experience.


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