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Nier Replicant Remake First Impressions VS Automata

I love Automata. I think a lot of us here do. It was the fist game in a very long time that I can replay over and over and over again. It felt so easy, yet so fun. Serious and emotional, let not heavy and full of pressure.

Now, you know how in Automata you are pretty much allowed to do the game how ever you want. Don't want to do some of the side quests? Thats fine! Just do the bare minimum and you will still have a good time and get all the endings, etc. Its both the best game to grind out and get every item, every ending, etc. Its also the best game to simply not do anything more than what you want.

And now we have the Replicant remake, and THANK GOD I read some of the initial thoughts. (I did preorder the game).

First of all, if you have never played replicant/gestalt, and only automata, you are at risk of not getting past the first ending, and having to replay the whole thing. Why? You MUST collect all weapons in the game to be able to even continue to the other endings. 9 of the weapons are only available in part 1, which once you are past it, you will not be able to get. GG WP.

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Second of all, the side quests are mostly there to farm cash. The don't have a whole lot of meaning behind them. They are, "just okay" at best, unlike automata that ties in the side quests into the main story to where they are borderline required to get the full picture of the environment. (This is my opinion).

Third of all…YOU CANT remap the shoulder and trigger buttons to anything BUT dodging, blocking, and magic. In automata, I used the triggers and shoulder buttons exclusively for melee combat, and left all my magical abilities/bot stuff to the xyab buttons. I am so used to all my games having A as jump and B as dodge, but here its A for jump, and trigger for dodge? WTF? Who even played automata on the default lay out? Its so unintuitive.

Fourth, the games puzzles are borderline annoying. You know what they remind me of? Crosscode. I liked the puzzles in crosscode because they were challenging and didn't need to handicap you with useless limitations and rules. Like in this game the approach to making anything non combat related challenging is to either straight up not allow you to jump, dodge, or use something that you normally can, or to simply make things long and annoying.

Fifth…you need to play an entire second play through to get ending E. What?

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And finally…Everyone in the nier sub loved to tout how this time the PC version is going to be great, there won't be bugs, its optimized, what ever. Optimized? It uses only 30% of my GPU and 15$ of my CPU and I don't even have the "most high end rig" (6700k, 2080 super). Running over 60 fps messes with game speed, the mouse is STILL always there. I don't fucking understand how these simple things can be overlooked if the game is "made with PC's in mind". (This is typical for square enix/jap games/platinum).

Now I understand that this is a 2010 game that has been "remade". But these specific annoyances are things I wanted to list for those who have only played automata. These were conscious choices made by the dev team and Yoko Taru. None of these are game breaking, make the game not worth buying, etc. This is simply stuff to note when going into this game if you haven't already looked it up. Unlike automata that just flowed really well regardless of how you played and what you did, replicant feels like your typical RPG that says "this is how you have to play it, and we did it this way because we can and what are you gonna do, complain?"

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That's all I have. I am far enough through the game where I feel like I can give some impressions. This game definitely just cemented by love for automata. I wrote this because I had this discussion with a friend who hasn't played automata yet, and asked me if he should play replicant first, then play automata. I told him, "Play automata, since you will most likely not enjoy replicant as much, and you won't miss much. But if you want more lore after automata, definitely play replicant."


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