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Nintendo’s Naughty List

Content of the article: "Nintendo’s Naughty List"

– Not living up to their subscription perks and holding back or not at all publishing NES and SNES games to the online service

– Forcing online service payment for the same old lackluster connection quality

– Suing anyone and everyone relentlessly because of their stingy policies and greed

– Lying about the fixing of Joy Con drift and cheating thousands out of their money

– Trying to pass off the Switch Lite whilst obviously knowing of it's flaws

– Continuing to promote the Switch Lite which still harbors the drift issue

– Shutting down the Melee online tourney because they can't let go of a nearly 20 year old game and just completely insulting the fanbase who has supported the company's work for decades

– Everything about 3D All stars, just because it's patched with fixes now doesn't mean we should look past the garbage they tried selling us for full price

– Shutting down Mario Maker 1's online functionality. As a gamer who struggles to afford the latest gaming consoles a lot of the time, I found it pleasant that I could at least play something similar to the new titles out there, as well as functional. Nice to see Nintendo taking away yet another nice thing from their fans…

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What a bummer, are they going to discontinue the original Splatoon next? Or the original Mario Kart 8? This company has been a complete dumpster fire of a mess these last few months…

– Shutting down fan creations and then blatantly reusing their ideas weather coincidence or not, in principle, it's scummy either way. For example, Metroid 2 remaster = Metroid 3DS, Mario 64 PC Port = 3D All Stars, etc

– Disregarding the huge speedrunning scene that 64 picked up, by removing BLJ in the switch port. Nintendo sure knows how to give a good slap to the face.

– Giving Twitch streamers temporary bans because of their paranoia. Some few streamers got Age of Calamity before other fans did simply because of regional time differences and such. Nintendo jumped the gun and screwed over innocent people.

– Getting the Game & Watch languages wrong… Just how?

This year has not been good for Nintendo. It's been quite embarrassing really. Lets hope they step up their game next year. But this year – Bad Nintendo, coal for you.


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