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No audio when connected to stereo receiver

Content of the article: "No audio when connected to stereo receiver"

Hello all, I hope I can get some help with this issue here because I'm at my wit's end.

I have a PS4 connected via HDMI to a Pioneer VSX-521 stereo receiver, which then connects via HDMI to my TV. This setup has been working great for years, but recently, the audio stopped working and I have no idea why. It stopped after the TV (Vizio M55Q7-H1) underwent a firmware update, although I can't imagine why that would affect the receiver or the PS4 itself.

I tried connecting the PS4 directly to the TV, and it does play both video and audio through the TV speakers. This tells me that the PS4 is outputting audio and the HDMI cable works.

I tried connecting the PS4 HDMI cable to different HDMI inputs on the receiver: No audio plays through any of them.

I tried connecting my Comcast box HDMI cable to different HDMI inputs on the receiver: They all play audio.

I tried switching HDMI cables for each of those connections and they both got the same results: No audio from the PS4 no matter what input it's connected to on the receiver or with which HDMI cable.

I tried unplugging and replugging the power in to the PS4, the receiver, and the TV: No change.

I tried disconnecting the TV from the receiver, and plugging in the HDMI to see if just the audio would work: It gets audio when the comcast box is connected, but none from the PS4.

I just can't figure out why the audio and video work on all of the receiver inputs when the Comcast box is plugged into them, but audio doesn't work when the PS4 is connected. And I have absolutely no clue why this problem would have suddenly started after a TV firmware upgrade.

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Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Since the PS4 will send audio and video to the TV, I just implemented a workaround where I route all the HDMI inputs to the TV, and then use the optical audio out on the TV to go to the receiver and get the sound from the stereo speakers. This is good enough for me but I would still love to know what happened.


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