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No Man’s Sky in its current form is almost everything I ever wanted in a game.

Content of the article: "No Man’s Sky in its current form is almost everything I ever wanted in a game."

I’ll try to avoid as many spoilers as possible, as the joy of discovering new systems and things is one of my favorite aspects of the game.

I never touched this game until about 2 weeks ago thanks to Xbox Gamepass. I was almost hyped up enough to pre-order this back in 2016, but luckily I avoided what was apparently one of the biggest disappointments in gaming!

I do have to commend Hello Games for continuing to support and update this game, because it's amazing. It looks great and usually runs decently on Xbox One (original) and on my PC. It’s also cross-save AND cross-play with every system!

What I'm loving about this game is how everything continues to grow in scale: Start off on some no-name planet collecting tiny amounts of resources and slowly learning the ropes. It's initially a bit obtuse, but getting over the initial few steps opens up so much more than I had guessed.

You'll eventually find a ship, leave your podunk nowheresville planet, and start exploring space. You'll meet aliens on space stations, trade, learn languages, and even take on missions if you want.

Base building is also so incredible, and from my tiny log cabin on my first world to the elaborate bases I'm building all over the galaxy I'm so happy with all of them even if my initial forays look hideous! Teleporters are also available from VERY early on, which allows very easy transport between bases and space stations.

There’s cool vehicles to build (exocraft) so you don’t have to walk everywhere, but you start the game with a jetpack for maneuverability, and sprinting.

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But my favorite aspect by far is the ships and space travel. I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers since these were such huge, delightful surprises for me, but I just want to say that your single-person ship/fighter is NOT the only option for space transportation and storage. I also love how ships warp into systems: that bright spot in the distance, then the ship screaming in at incredible speed and then completely stopping. I know I’m not doing it justice, but I feel a smile on my face when a huge space freighter warps in!

This game isn’t perfect, and there’s still quite a bit of jankiness: combat is…there I guess! Glitches and pop-ins abound, and I’ve encountered numerous bugs (nothing game-breaking yet). But the setting, the story, the progression, and the feeling of freedom is incredible. You can go ANYWHERE (unless you don’t have proper clearance for certain doors, but hey what’s a game without keycards?) and I love the space and exploration themes.

I know a lot of folks were incredibly disappointed after the launch, and rightly so. I’ve never seen so much hype for a game in a long time. These were Spore and original Fable levels of hype! But I believe No Man’s Sky has become the game I hoped it would be and I’ve loved all the time I’ve spent on it. If you have Gamepass it’s absolutely worth checking out, or even worth a buy given how it’s matured over the years since launch. If you were one of the folks burned by the launch hype it might be worth giving it another shot, and I hope folks give it a chance at least!

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I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences with No Man’s Sky!


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