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No Mans Sky – Why you should play it now

Content of the article: "No Mans Sky – Why you should play it now"

Let's be honest when No Man Sky came out, it was lambasted because the head of the team that made it lied. Plain and simple, he lied. He told people things that were not true and the footage they showed off was carefully orchestrated to build up hype.

Also on release the game had a lot of content but it was….not great. I put in some hours to it and found myself having a bit of fun but there was something missing from it. It felt kind of soul less.

Well since then Hello Games, the makers of No Mans Sky, have poured tons and tons of development time into updating the game and adding content for free. No microtransactions or DLC packs, it has all been free. If you haven't seen what updates have been added in since launch, I suggest taking a look because it's pretty damn impressive.

What was a pretty static universe with very little of interest has now been blown out with tons of things to see and do. Freighters became part of the game and you could own one and send it on missions to get cash while you were free to explore in your own ship.

A huge online hub station was added to the game to join up with people online and take part in online missions together or just upgrade your gear. You could hang out and trade with other players.

Crashed ships and freighters on planets became a thing and you needed to dig down to scavenge parts and cargo.

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On your home planet you could craft a overworld buggy/kart for faster exploration. Rather than running around on foot, meaning you could explore further and faster. Don't want a buggy? How about a mech? You can build one.

What is amazing about the game is they took what was a static almost lifeless universe and have made it feel more alive. The last update before yesterday was an addition of finding abandoned floating freighters in a system, you can then board it and loot it, however there is a reason the freighter is abandoned, so you must figure that out as well. The game procedurally generates a story behind the freighter and you explore it and can come away with some great stuff.

Yesterday they dropped the newest update called Origins. This update overhauls the engine and adds more biomes, it creates more vibrancy in the worlds, the environmental effects have been overhauled and in some worlds….giant sandworms that will smash through the ground to leap into the air over head.

The way they have injected life into something that felt lifeless has been incredible. There are beings that float through space as you fly by. There are living ships which you can control, that you hatch from an egg. Some planets have alien structures and also portals to new worlds can be found if you find the right glyphs to activate it. You converse with alien races and slowly learn their language through alien devices on planets or asking the aliens to help you with their language.

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All this is in the game and they are STILL adding to it.

One of my favourite TV programmes as a teenager was Babylon 5, a sci-fi program about an outpost in outer space where aliens congregate and discuss trade and politics. In that show they had storylines about ancient alien races waking from thousands of years of "hibernating" and it made the galaxy in that show seem mysterious and dangerous because you did not know what was lurking out there. No Mans Sky is starting to feel like that show, the game talks about procedural generation which is great but you never know what is going to be on the next planet you land on.

Now is the time to jump in if you are on the fence, or if you have it but haven't gone in for a while, jump in now. There is tons of stuff to see and do in the game.

Yes it has the bad reputation for it's release hype but in the time from then til now, they have turned the game into what was promised and so much more.


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