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Now I’m older (23) I’m finding it so difficult to focus on games now. How do I get back into gaming? I miss it!

Content of the article: "Now I’m older (23) I’m finding it so difficult to focus on games now. How do I get back into gaming? I miss it!"

Growing up, as a teenager, I could sink thousands and thousands of hours into gaming. I used to love it. I used to love playing FPS's, adventure and open world games etc. But then, in my late teens as I started to get good at things like programming, games just didnt satisfy me anymore. I couldnt keep my attention on them. This has gotten much worse.

The only time I can focus for any length of time on a game is when I'm playing with someone else, then I can get fully immersed and have fun.

I wonder if part of this is just because I'm worse than most people at games, like, everyone I play with, I'm usually the team liability, its very rare I'm ever decent at the games I play single player or multiplayer. Thats OK though (though I'd like to get better!), I have fun playing them when I'm playing with others and thats what counts.

I miss the days where I could just fire up a game by myself and just lose a couple of hours to it, you know? I'm a student now days, going into pre-med soon, and while I do have a lot of different hobbies like hiking, piano and language learning, sometimes, I'd like something just a bit more leisurely. I really miss having gaming as that outlet.

I'm thinking of maybe trying to get into something that requires 100% of my attention, maybe like Dota or LoL? But then, because I'm so terrible at games at the moment, I'm not thatd be a good experience (but I will try!).

For instance, I saw some clips of Ni No Kuni on Youtube a couple months back, and I was blown away by its art style and story. So I bought it for my Switch, and Ive only been able to sink 10 hours into it since. I have to make a real effort to set aside small chunks of time to actually play it, and I quickly ware my patience down with it when Im doing badly.

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The weird thing is, I can focus on pretty much everything but games, which is a weird "problem" to have. But I really miss what games used to bring to my life, even if back then I was probably gaming to an unhealthy extent. Its just so strange, because I can study just fine, I can focus on stuff like programming, studying or essay writing no problems. But games? Nope.

But then, I can easily binge TV series when I've watched an episode or two… If theres anyone who's had a similar experience to me, I'd love to hear how, or if you ever got out of it!


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