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Now that I’ve completed TLOU2: Why all the hate?????

Forgive me if there is too much of this discussion, I didn’t see the mega thread and I stood away from all TLOU2 related material online to avoid spoilers.

I just completed the game and I found it to be amazing and enthralling. I’m a huge fan of the original installment, and was more than excited to play.

Gameplay wise I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to play because it’s quite amazing. Very gritty and brutal action sequences that always provided a real sense of danger.

Now as far as story goes, I’m a very narrative driven person so I found it rather gripping. As well as holding the first one close as a monumental gaming experience in my life, I was hurt by the story and taken along a journey I did not know I wanted to take.

My question as stated in the title above comes from the user review bombing: Why all the hate?

Honestly as much as I loved Joel, this story made my love for him even stronger as a character. Same for Ellie too. The dynamic with Abby and her camp as well and their mission to kill Joel was unnerving in the first half, but once you play as Abby the game forces you into tense situations where you’re desperate to survive thus bonding you with Abby and her counterparts, making the inevitable a tug-of-war between our beloved Joel and Ellie to Abby and now Lev.

Now I understand that people could be upset about playing as Abby. I speculated with a friend from the introduction of her character that ultimately we will play as Abby and have to kill Ellie. He was appalled by that. How could I accept that (especially after she kills Joel) she could hold narrative over our central characters??

Well it’s quite simple: the dynamic introduced us to questions of violence and how far is far enough, and that each side has its story.

In my opinion this is the best narrative in a video game I’ve ever experienced, it is now my all time favorite game. I found it to be a heartbreaking masterpiece.

Please — without insulting me if possible — share with me your thoughts on the story if you have completed the game in full. I would like to know what Redditors think of the game overall, but also their thoughts on the narrative.

Thank you.


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