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Obscure Youtube game critics and underrepresented game genres or niches on Youtube.

Content of the article: "Obscure Youtube game critics and underrepresented game genres or niches on Youtube."

Previous version of this post was deleted because it didn't spark discussion and was mostly just me asking for recommendations I guess. Let's see if I can rework it a bit.

Who are some Youtube reviewers/critics doing videogame analysis and critical discussions, or videogame related documentary style content, that you feel deserve a bigger audience because their work is just so good? Why, what makes their content interesting or unique?

And on a somewhat related note. Is there any niche or genre that you feel is underrepresented or not talked about in the Youtube space? I personally would love it if there were someone doing reviews/critiques out there of the old, obscure Cryo adventure games and Myst style first person puzzlers. If only because those were my favourite games growing up, and I hardly see anyone talking about them in depth.

I also really love channels covering development history and behind-the-scenes trivia about how games were made. I know there's a bunch of those out there already. But it's usually project leads being interviewed. I'd love to see someone get interviews with some random 3D artist on Call of Duty, some effects artist, or the voice actor who just does random NPC voices.

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So yeah, looking to hear about some of your favourite, small game related Youtubers and why you feel they deserve a bigger audience. And which niche, type of video or game genre you feel is underrepresented and should get some attention from Youtube game critics.

Here's some recommendations of mine who I feel are doing interesting, high quality video content related to games, that deserves a couple more views:

History Respawned: A bunch of historians talking about games in historical settings, and the real history behind them. They usually bring on a guest expert on whatever time period a game is about, and then talk about the topic while footage plays in the background. Some videos are in a podcast format, others are shorter and more edited. They covered a lot of Assassin's Creed games of course. Their recent video on Ghosts of Tsushima and the real life history of Tsushima and samurai is super interesting. And I found this here video on the history of the Trojan war, ancient Greek culture, and how Total War Troy deals with those subjects fascinating.

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The Nth Review: Long reviews/critiques with a ton of interesting development trivia thrown around. I don't always agree with his opinions, but they are well articulated and interesting nonetheless. And his production values are really high for how tiny his audience is. Here's a Deus Ex review. I also recommend his Alan Wake retrospective.

Thief of Crystals: Mostly a Final Fantasy reviewer, he does talk about other series as well. His videos tend to start of a bit too flowery and fanboyish maybe, but he consistently makes interesting observations and points along the way as he talks about his favourite games. Here's him rambling about superforms in games for a bit.


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