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On This Day in Nintendo History: VS. Ice Climber; Pocket Bomberman; Metroid Fusion; Mario Party 6; Super Mario Strikers

Content of the article: "On This Day in Nintendo History: VS. Ice Climber; Pocket Bomberman; Metroid Fusion; Mario Party 6; Super Mario Strikers"

On this day (November 18) in Nintendo history…

  • VS. Ice Climber was released in 1988 for the Family Computer Disk System in Japan. This platformer game, developed by Nintendo, is a port of the arcade game with 24 new mountains and extra features, such as a horizontally-flying Nitpicker and a bonus multiplier item.

  • Pocket Bomberman was released in 1998 for the Game Boy Color in North America. In this platform game, developed by Hudson Soft, in contrast to the overhead view of other Bomberman titles, Pocket Bomberman features sidescrolling platformer gameplay. Like other Bomberman games, Bomberman must defeat all enemies in each stage to advance. The game features a total of 5 worlds spanning 25 levels. Each world follows a different theme, including forest, underwater, cloudtops and a dark underworld.

  • Metroid Fusion was released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance in North America. In this action-adventure game, developed by Nintendo R&D1, while on a mission to the Metroids' home planet, bounty hunter Samus Aran is attacked by a deadly parasite. Cured by Metroid DNA, Samus is bestowed with unique new powers from her old adversary, but must face a new enemy: the 'X' parasite. Metroid Fusion blends a captivating original story with intense platform action and exploration in the classic Metroid mould.

  • Mario Party 6 was released in 2004 for the Nintendo GameCube in Japan. In this party game, developed by Hudson Soft, Mario, Luigi, and the whole gang are back – which means it's time for a brand new party! This latest instalment of the ever-popular series packs over 75 all-new mini-games, five multiplayer game boards and three solo game boards to play across – and a Nintendo GameCube Microphone, essential for those new games! The boards and mini-games differ depending on the new day and night system.

  • Mario Smash Football (known as Super Mario Strikers in North America) was released in 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube in PAL territories. In this sports game, developed by Next Level Games, following successful stints on the tennis court and the golf course, now Mario turns his hand (well, foot) to the world of soccer. Sees Mario's phenomenal ball-skills brought to the fore as he demonstrates a starling range of unorthodox shimmies and swerves.

What are you favourite memories of these games? How do you think they hold up today? Hash it out in the comments.

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