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One shot weapons aren’t fun and usually ruin the pvp balance of most games.

Content of the article: "One shot weapons aren’t fun and usually ruin the pvp balance of most games."

Of course this is simply my opinion but I have found myself really frustrated with this while not even noticing that much. What made me notice was playing Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends back to back a few times.

If you don't know in Apex Legends (battle royale) no weapon is truly a one shot one kill without headshots, in Titanfall 2 however there are probably more than ten ways you can get one shot with barely any indication.

While they are different types of games (Titanfall 2 is closer to an arena shooter while apex is a modern shooter in general), it made me notice that getting one shot in Titanfall 2 really wasn't a satisfying way to die. Turn a corner and get into game of rock paper scissors of who gets the incredibly unreliable melee system to work first…. I used most of those one shot weapons to different degrees of success (some of them I would consider overpowered or outright broken) but none of them gave me the satisfaction of a good firefight.

While these games are what made me notice I hated getting one shot and didn't really find any satisfaction in one shotting people, I noticed I felt this way about most arena shooters. All arena shooters I have played had at least one or two one shot weapons that frustrate me to no end. I probably quit playing a lot of these shooters without noticing because dying any other way is has no effect on me what so ever.

I usually see the "skill" argument thrown around, that these weapons are hard to use and that is why they are intended to one shot people. I would argue they aren't harder to use than any other weapon, just different compared to the sustained fire weapons and usually differ immensly from game to game. A good shooter in call of duty can pick up the shooting mechanics from titanfall 2 with the movement and do well after a couple of hours but quickscoping or shotgunning in Call of Duty and using the equivalents (Kraber or mastiff though I don't think mastiff is problematic) in Titanfall 2 are much further apart.

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To summarize I think the removal of most or all of one shot kill abilities or tactics in fast paced shooters would do nothing but improve the gameplay.

Sidenote: Counter Stirke's AWP is pretty different , I don't know enough about the details of that game to make comments on the balancing of it. I'm mostly talking about arena and modern shooters.


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