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Operencia: The Stolen Sun VR – Impression

Content of the article: "Operencia: The Stolen Sun VR – Impression"

I know the dev look at that reddit, i want to post some of my impression and nitpick on the VR port of Operencia: The Stolen Sun. (English is not my first language, sorry)


During exploration, the game look gorgious. I also like the sound of the surrounding, you can heard ennemies from all the direction (above and below) work really well with the audio. The game is a RPG dungeon crawler, you have to solve puzzle, find treasure, find secret, skill tree, etc. Exploration is super fun and intuitive (snap 90 is probably the best for that game at least for me but there is full locomotion with camera if you want). Team management menu is a little confusing at first especially on VR, there alot of sub menu, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to get use to it. Map menu is really nice, pretty simple to look. In term of gameplay after 4 hours the game delivers for me. I really like the story, i really dig the side dialog all along the game, even when you open the journal the first time and explain why he write it. It's great on that aspect. The cutscene between dungeon are really nice too. Voice acting is ok, there are really good one and others are average.


Here why VR experience could turn off a lot of poeple. First Looking at item to select them is a great idea, but when you have a chest below you, and you have to look at it, if you sit…… it's nearly impossible. The area you have to look to active a item should be wider. You have to be too precise angle to select something(that first section with water and bucket, i was getting mad because it didn't register when i was looking at water). It was worse when you have to select a torch for puzzle, I really didn't know where to put my head to active it.

And the combat interface…. you miss the mark here, everything fell so out of proportion that make everything so hard to follow. No combat log, nearly 0 feedback to know who got attack, you have to turn your head on the right to check HP bar, with little tiny number that appear, by turning you head you lost the focus on what ennmies attack and what attack he used. Really low sound feedback when you block, counter or extra attack, it's impossible to complety follow the combat without turning you head like crazy. Everything look super big and ennemies look really bad compare 2d version counterpart. If you want immersion, i think it fail. The strength of the 2d version it was easy to follow combat flow, initiave and HP in a single eyes look to prepare the next attack. VR version just made combat just worse. And please turn down the volume of groan ennemies sound, it's really irritating even if I turn down sound volume option setting.

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I think there could be a couple solution that could be add to help for combat. Reduce the size of the combat menu, to be able to see everything by just moving the head a little, and not have to turn my head 45 degree every freaking time. Add flashy animation on the side to know who got what, make damage number bigger and put more distinct sound for each thing that happen (block, counter,extra, status effect etc.) if these sound effect exist, they are overheard by the groan sound i've mention before. Give the option to move the camera, i think the game would look way better if we were less close to the ennemies without loosing too much that feeling that the ennemies are big and dangerous.

The begining of the game is really too easy on hard for combat, I've heard it get way better later on.


So a great game with some little thing to correct to make a truly great RPG in VR. Can't wait to play it later today, if you have a dungeon crawler fan, get it, it's very good, but it's need a little more polish for combat UI to became a future top 10 PSVR for me.

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