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Optimizing PS4 performance

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Hello r/ps4. I have seen many people not using their PS4 to the max of its capability. I have looked up optimizing PS4 videos on YouTube and most of them are trash so I made this guide. I know PS5 is right around the corner but this is for the people who want to keep using their PS4 and some things in here might also be applicable to PS5. It is to be noted that this guide is from tweaking and improving my own setup – PS4 pro, 4K LG TV from 2015 and I will be referring to specifically optimize fps (first-person shooter) games. Feel free to correct me or comment down anything more that can be added.

Optimizing Hardware:

· HDMI 2.0 cable is recommended if you have a PS4 pro. I have personally bought a HDMI 2.1 for around $17 and I can see a noticeable difference in picture quality. The default cable that came with the PS4 had some sort of issues. Do not get a ridiculously priced or very long cable. Mine is 2 meters.

· Connecting to the right HDMI port on your TV is important. Most modern TV's have a dedicated gaming HDMI port which should be used. In older TV's (like mine), you would have to figure out which HDMI port provides maximum bandwidth. You do not want to use HDMI ports with the labels: HDCP, eARC or MHL. '10-bit' port is what I have and went with which also supports HDMI Deep Color and is talked about later in the guide.

· Obviously use Ethernet cable for online games. It is a common problem for ethernet cables to fit loose so make sure all the pins are in contact properly. Use a wired controller. I would recommend connecting to the rear USB 3.0 port. Make sure in PS4 setting you have the connect controller 'using cable' enabled. Using keyboard and mouse? Connect mouse in the rear USB 3.0 and keyboard in the front USB.

· Applying new thermal to CPU is recommended. This would decrease fan noise and also provide better consistent performance. Keep PS4 in a well ventilated environment and not block it's airways. The fans do not get clogged with dust so you do not have to worry about cleaning it even if you had yours for years.

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· Changing the HDD to SSD should decrease loading times and also respawn times in games like where the world needs to load after you die. But this shouldn't affect frames. This could be expensive, but is not necessary.

Optimizing PS4 software:

· If you have never "Rebuilt Database" of your PS4 you should do it now. It only takes 5 minutes unless you have corrupted data. While PS4 off, boot into safe mode by holding power button until you hear 2 beeps. Choose Rebuilt Database. Should increase overall performance. Recommend to carry this out every time after you have updated, installed or deleted a bunch of games.

· Definitely disable HDCP from setting > system setting. You won't be able to watch YouTube or Netflix but it gives a very noticeable response to frames. Highly recommended especially if you play fps games.

· Enable Boost Mode which is only available in PS4 Pro.

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· In broadcast setting reduce the screen record to the lowest resolution and time. I haven't noticed any difference in performance but since I do not use the feature I just kept it in low settings.

· Video Output Setting: 1) Run your video at the TV's native resolution otherwise the TV will upscale frames which creates lag. 2) In PS4 Pro choose the 2160p RGB over the YUV420 which is a compressed 4K format and compressing takes up performance. 3) My HDR is off plus my TV doesn't support it so idk how it might have an affect but I would've keep it on for cinematic games only. 4) Set 'Deep Color Output' to automatic.

TV Setting:

· Make sure to enable in your tv setting 'HDMI UHD Color' or 'HDMI Deep Color' (whichever way it is named on your TV). If you do not have the option, your TV does not support it or if you do have the option but is greyed out, you probably is not using the higher bandwidth HDMI port or Deep Color Output in PS4 is set to off. Having this option enabled, disables Chroma Subsampling which is a type of video compression. This should increase the TV's response on displaying frames.

· Use 'Game Mode' picture profile if available. Disable Wi-Fi, True Motion, dynamic brightness, dynamic contrast or any TV options that require real-time CPU calculation. Do not set your TV energy saving to maximum. Set it to minimum or turn it off. If the brightness is too much in doing so, then manually change the picture setting. Personally I have decreased the backlight, brightness and set a warmer tone which is easy for the eyes.

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· I don't use monitors or gaming monitors so no advice on that.

Router setting:

· Use Game mode, QOS if available. Set your PS4 to have higher priority on the network.

· Keep your router firmware up-to-date.


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