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Options for V1 PSVR with 4K PS5

Content of the article: "Options for V1 PSVR with 4K PS5"

This is a bit of a nerdy post so … you've been warned.

Here's my current set-up:

– Sony 1080p HDTV TV

– PS4 Pro

– Denon HDMI-enabled stereo receiver

– PSVR v1

I have my PS4 going thru my stereo and using the integrated video switching. It works great.

I also sometimes do streaming. For that I have a female-to-female HDMI connector that is joining two cables between my receiver and TV. This makes it easy to unhook that cable and either re-route it to my capture device or plug in a splitter and redirect the output to both the TV and my capture device. When I do this, there is an extra step where I have to go into my stereo's menu and change the setting for audio output from "stereo" to "TV" to ensure I get audio being sent to the capture card.

Anyway, I was able to preorder a PS5 through Sony and will be upgrading to a 4K TV at the same time to get the most out of it.

This puts me in a shitty place because V1 PSVR doesn't support HDR with the breakout box. I am not going to upgrade to a V2 PSVR when PSVR2 will probably be coming out in another year. So I've been considering my options.

First, I know that I probably do need a new receiver. I could almost get by with my old one *if the PS5 had optical audio out* but it doesn't. And since my old receiver doesn't support ARC I have no way of getting surround sound from the PS5 to my existing receiver.

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That said, even without PSVR in the mix, I feel like using a stereo receiver with the HDMI feed might be iffy. I've read some stuff online about the video quality and HDR suffering if it goes through the receiver first. So maybe I need to send the video directly to the TV first then use ARC to send it to the receiver?

I do like using other devices though (Switch, Apple TV, etc) so sending those through the receiver first is probably the only way to get surround sound since the number of ports with ARC is limited.

On to PSVR… I think my two hardware options are to buy a dedicated switch or to buy a "two-zone video-capable" receiver. But I don't think either of these will actually work. The dedicated switch has the same issue as using the receiver — it might harm the video quality. And a "two-zone-capable" receiver probably wouldn't help much either. There are only a couple I could find and I'm skeptical about buying a receiver just for that feature without knowing if it will actually help. I know that part of the issue with using a switch or dual output is that it doesnt really replicate what the PSVR splitter does. There needs to be dual-way communication between the devices so the PS4/5 knows what is actually plugged in. And you can't just split the signal and expect it to work.

So I think what I'm going to do is this. Buy a good receiver (possibly a two zone one because at the very least it might help with streaming, if not PSVR). Play around with it and figure out the best way to hook up the PS5 with it. Maybe Receiver then TV; or maybe TV then Receiver (via ARC).

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As for PSVR, I think I need to physically swap cables* but rarely/never use the breakout box to connect to the TV (since that's even more cable swapping). So basically I'll just lose the social screen when I play in VR, which should be fine for the most part.

It's insane how complicated this is.

*For this, I need highly rated female-to-female HDMI connectors but I'm not even sure if they make these.


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