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OrbusVR (VRMMO)- Why I Think It Is The Current MMO Innovator

Content of the article: "OrbusVR (VRMMO)- Why I Think It Is The Current MMO Innovator"

For those unfamiliar with OrbusVR, it is a VRMMO that is released and is playable on most VR headsets (SteamVR and Oculus, which is pretty much the entirety of headsets outside of phone VR headsets)

So I’ve been playing OrbusVR on and off since last year, both per-reborn and now with reborn.

I’ve come back recently and realized how many systems they have implemented with such a small team.

Mythic+ Keys and Normal/Heroic Raids from WoW? They implemented that about two years ago. Dynamic events from GW2? They got that in with the Reborn release. Opening of a server-wide area like AQ from WoW? There’s an event going on right now to unlock an island area, and players are voting on the name of the new island.

“But dude, that’s just copied concepts” Yeah, but they have more than that which is original.

A class system that is designed around VR controls (drawing spells for Runemage, rhythm game for Bard, gun controls for musketeer/scoundrel, etc), crafting that is designed around VR controls (fishing with a functioning rod, alchemy with a cooking pot that has temperature, tinkering with puzzles), manual placing of furniture in 3D space, and more that I haven’t named.

Needless to say as well, it is incredibly well made for VR with a great inventory system and item holstering. Tools/consumables are held on the side, weapons are behind the back and can be interchanged based off of whether you’re left handed or right handed.

And the community is creating so many tools for the game. There is already a log parser like warcraftlogs and a raider score calculator like It’s mind blowing how far along this game is.

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Tl;dr I have said a lot, and that’s because the development team absolutely did a ton that inspires confidence. They have implemented sooo many well received systems from other games with a small team, and have innovated on their own platform to boot. They have a very strong dedicated following. I think the main thing holding it back right now is the size of the VR install-base, and the general lack of knowledge that this game actually exists! OrbusVR is currently the game I think is innovating the most for MMOs.


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