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Outer Wilds is one of the best exploration games I’ve ever played.

First let me say that I may not have found everything and some things I'm still confused about and don't totally understand, so I'll be leaving a couple of things out. There will also be some big spoilers, so if you haven't played the game don't read this.

This game is fucking amazing. The art style is nice, the effects are well done, the sound design is really good, the music is even better, the gameplay loop is fun, the exploration and mystery solving is interesting and fun, the controls are good, the fucking angler fish should die and rot in hell, the quantum shit they have throughout the game is really, really cool, and the story is interesting.

First, the way the game looks. I really like the style of this game. It reminds me of Astroneer. It's kind of simplistic but still really pretty. It also makes it run well on my PC so I like it automatically lmao.
The effects also count for this section, and oh boy they are good. One of my favorites is the black hole. It warps light around it in a really cool way and tbh it's fun to fall into on Brittle Hollow. The teleport effects are also really cool.

Next up, the sound. This game sounds really good. The sound effects are good, and that always helps immersion. One neat thing I liked was the sound detector thing and how it's utilized in-game. You can use it to find people on planets or identify objects(like the distress beacons and the quantum shards), or use it to float in the right direction in the Dark Bramble. It's a very creative use of sound, and the game is better off for it.
The music is also phenomenal. It's catchy, charming, slaps so hard, and invokes big emotion when you get to the ending. The music before the sun explodes, when you're exploring the Nomai structures, and on the different planets also slap hard and also invoke their own emotions. The music is all-around done really well and an instant add to my Spotify.

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We got some miscellaneous stuff I liked and disliked about the game here before we move on to the best part of the game.
I thought the controls were good. I really like the landing camera on the ship and the ability to roll is nice. They're simple, easy to learn, and the game tells you about the keys/buttons all the time so you never forget them like I usually do.
I also fucking hated the angler fish. The suck. They're easy enough to navigate through, you just have to glide without making a sound. The thing is, it takes so long. You have barely any boost, so you move like 5m a second. You can't boost, even slightly, out of fear of getting eaten. Also, if you bump into them the eat you, so you have to make sure you're going the right way and lay off the boost before the angler fish detects you. They suck and give a heart attack every time I see them or they detect me.
One of my all time favorite things in this game is the quantum shit. The quantum moon, quantum shards, tower of quantum knowledge, the trees, the trials, etc. They're really cool. The way they move when you aren't looking is really creepy, especially with the one that teleports directly behind you. I liked the quantum trial tower thing because it taught you the rules of the mechanics of the quantum shit, like you you can take a picture of a quantum object to have the same effect of observing it. Meeting Solanum on the quantum moon is very satisfying and gives you some answers that you desperately needed.

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Then we have the exploration. Here we go.
The exploration in this game is super good. No matter where you go, you'll always find new information. Info from one planet can lead you to another and to another, and some can help you solve a mystery, and some are just worldbuilding. Most are well-written conversations that have little clues that point you in the direction you need to go. These are all good and all but what really takes it above and beyond is the ship computer. You can see information that ties to what and on what planet certain things are, and you can see what you have yet to explore, things rumored to be found somewhere, and you can mark the location to make it easy to find. It makes the exploration much more manageable and it's just all-around a very, very good addition.
The mystery of what happened to the Nomai, how to end the loop and escape the sun's supernova explosion, what the fuck the eye of the universe is, and what happens when you enter it keeps ramping up the more you explore and read. It all comes to a spearhead when you finally fit all the pieces together and make your way to the big main Nomai ship with the warp core. The ending was the best ending for a game I've seen in quite a while. It invokes emotion, closes off the story, has a massive finish, and then an ending pointing to a hopeful future depending on whether or not you explored certain places. It was very satisfying and I don't even know how to really describe it. Amazing job done by the team behind it. The ending is what brought it up from a great game to an amazing game that I recommend everyone play.

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All in all, the sound is fucking great, the exploration is fucking phenomenal, the story is interesting and keeps you hooked, the controls are good, mechanics are fun, game looks pretty, and it has a fucking amazing ending. Again, I highly recommend it to anyone reading this.


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