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Outer Wilds is one of the best games I have ever played.

Content of the article: "Outer Wilds is one of the best games I have ever played."

So about a month or so ago I'd had a few drinks and smokes and the combination didn't really work well for my decision making. I was going through the PSN store and saw The Outer Worlds for an incredibly cheap price. I don't remember what I paid but I didn't hesitate as it seemed too good to be true. Got the game, stuck it on download and then put the PlayStation into rest mode. My Internet isn't great as I live in rural Wales, so I hopefully thought that at least most of the game will be downloaded by the morning. I then go to bed.

Next day, I wake up and immediately go and see how far into the download we are. To my surprise it was completed. I have a day off and girlfriend and baby are out so I turn on the game with a cup of tea and I suddenly realise that I've bought the wrong game. I double check and it turns out I've bought a game involving space called Outer Wilds, not The Outer Worlds. I'm not exactly happy about this but I play the game anyway.

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I rush through the game at the beginning, barely reading anything as I go along. I die a lot. So about 2 hours in I give up. I've had enough. I had tried to leave the solar system and couldn't find anything interesting outside the handful of planets and I was still annoyed. I turned the game off and put The Outer Worlds on download. I don't turn the console on again for days.

About a week later I turned on the console and instead of playing The Outer Worlds – I gave Outer Wilds another chance. I load up the game and see that it's a dev team called Mobius, I do a quick search and realise it's a much smaller team. I decided I hadn't given the game the respect it deserved the other day so I delete my save and start again.

I have now finished the game and got the platinum trophy for it, and I have to say the whole experience was beautiful. What an incredible game that was, I haven't felt so happy and warm finishing a game since What Remains of Edith Finch.

Everything about it is absolutely perfect in my eyes. It's an open world game that just makes you go out and explore. There is no wrong or right way to play the game. The music is perfect, the learning curve is fair, the progression is balanced well. It's a little overwhelming to remember planet names and a few other things at the beginning so you have to pay attention but once you're comfortable in game the whole experience is worth it.

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I went from crashing my ship and countless deaths at the beginning, to pulling outrageous manoeuvres in sticky situations with my ship.

I urge everyone to play the game. Try your best to avoid any spoilers as the whole game is about going out and learning. I needed some guidance for the platinum but the game can be done without.

I have yet to even turn on The Outer Worlds, and I know I will enjoy that game also. It just hasn't been able to get a look in as Outer Wilds was so good.


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