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Outer Worlds is easy if you play your cards right

I’ll always love a game that isn’t afraid to be weird. When you first take control of your character you learn that the contact you were suppose to meet was crushed under your own escape pod. We meet our first NPC in a cave, gravely injured. Instead of asking for help he instead plugs in the company slogan “It’s not the best choice. It’s Spacers Choice” It was those moments that made me realize I was going to be in for a weird, but hilarious journey. The dialogue choices offer plenty of responses where you can either take everything the people say seriously or be completely baffled by their way of life established by the Board, or the hilarious smart ass responses. Some of the funnier dialogue choices are in the DLC where you are in the third act of the campaign you can see just how over they are with the job.

Even the companions you recruit along their way have their quirks like Vicar Max a man of god who is also a sociopath, Ellie Fenhill the cynical medic, and SAM the compulsive cleaning robot. They’re weird and have their flaws, but dammit they’re just so lovable and if my back was against the wall there is no one I want in my corner more than the crew of the Unreliable. The companion quest fleshes out their characters and I felt like we established a true bond. Wether it’s helping Nyoka seek revenge for the death of her friends, getting Parvati ready for her big date, or doing some soul searching with Max by getting high AF. No matter how big or small their problems I was more than willing to make sure they were happy.

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For my own character I made sure they were kind and supportive to the crew, but was not above lying, stealing, or intimidating strangers to get what I want. When given a choice between stealing medicine from a cabinet or taking it from a dead body surrounded by monsters you better believe I took the easy way out and stole the medicine because my lock picking skills were high enough. Hence the name of the title I came up with. If you keep investing in the right stats then you skip many of the fights. Hell I managed to talked my way out of the final boss battle because my hacking, persuading, and science skills were high enough. It is a shame that we never hear our character speak. I don’t understand why the protagonist was voiceless, as I previously stated their is a lot of funny dialogue which could have been funnier if they were being spoken. At least everyone else has a voice actor and the cast is star studded with major names like Ashly Burch, Crispin Freeman, and Debra Wilson all providing their talents.

When it comes to combat it is pretty standard. It’s a typical first person shooter mechanics with some melee weapons thrown in there, but you due have the ability to temporary slow down time. At least you can find some cool weapons like the Plasma Cutter (aka a fire saber), the Inferno Scythe, and a Shrink Ray. As cool as these sound I often found myself using upgrading the same weapons I had on me and didn’t feel the need to experiment. Another cool feature is the flaw system. If you take enough damage from say falling off from great heights, getting shot at by robots, or even getting hit in the eye too many times you’ll develop a phobia and will suffer a decrease in certain stats, but in return you are allowed one perk point.

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There’s so much to love in this game… but there were things I didn’t like. One of them being the loading times. They are very wrong and they pop up everyone you want to enter a town. Here is an example, I was on the other side of the map from my ship so I fast traveled to it. Long loading time. I’m in the ship and travel to my next destination, then leave the ship. Long loading time. Then I walk towards the town that isn’t that far from said ship. Long loading time. I swear I’m a patient person, but I don’t understand why there are so many of them. I also don’t like how you access the DLC, instead of it being a separate section in the main menu you would have to start the game all over and finish a certain story quest in order to gain access to the Peril on Gorgon expansion. Granted this was the first time I played the game, but I would imagine it being annoying for players who already beaten the campaign. Speaking of finishing the game there is shockingly no new game plus. A few people found that to be annoying, as did I, but the more I thought about it I would argue that it was this game was never meant to have a NG+. When you are starting a new play through why not be experimental and create a character who specializes in melee weapons instead of guns? Why not raise your stealth attributes instead of going in guns blazing?

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Those are all the negatives I had so I want to end things on a positive note. For the first time in a long time I felt like my choices mattered and when you reach the ending you see the outcome of said choices. And you know what? I felt proud of my decisions. Seeing the colonies improve their way of life and my companions getting their own happy endings made me feel great that I went that extra mile for them.


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