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Overdox – …’s a good game with several problems

The premise is nice, combine mobas with battle royale, sprinkle flashy effects and graphics and bam, you have yourself a game worth playing.

Is it though?

Spent the last few days playing this game since I've started.

My honest opinion, is that this game needs a lot of work.

In the first few games you play as a "beginner", you will see bots like any other game on the market.

BUT, that changes when you get higher level weapons and as your rank increases. I mean, what fun is there to have if you're going to be matched against someone who is leagues above you and is p2w.

Yeah, that's another thing. This game is extremely p2w and it's not afraid to make you feel that you need to spend to win. Especially when resources needed to enter games (such as batteries for your drones, which give extra effects in-game) run out quickly)

After a few days, and if you've played the Royal Rumble mode, you'll see who's at the top, and don't be surprised when you see that it's p2w players at the top.

The next one is a big one, you cannot customize your controls. You have to play with what the game gives you. And it makes absolutely no sense as to why the Dash button (a very important button) is just a small icon at the bottom of the screen.

I shit you not, I have to constantly look down to see where the dash button is, and that itself is a risk especially when you're facing players that can decimate you in seconds.

The controls are actually decent but the failure to allow players to customize their controls is what's going to make me hit that uninstall button.

There's no real reason to get invested in this game, it gets boring really fast because of the amount of items in the game. The highest tier for weapons/armor which is Legendary doesn't have that many weapons or armor.

There is one set of Legendary armor for each "manufacturer"(if you equip 3 items from the same manufacturer, you get a set bonus) and a legendary weapon for each "type"(one-handed, two-handed, halberd, etc), so it's easy to see high ranking players equipped with the same weapons and armors.

I'll give the game the benefit of the doubt, November 2019 is fairly recent for a release but their 2 year mark is not too far away. There's no way in 2 years that there such a lackluster amount of versatility in the meta-game.

There's also no way in 2 years that the playerbase is so low that matchmaking has to also suffer for it.

It's a really good game, but everything behind it is so shitty that it makes really hard to enjoy the game or even continue.

And just like another mobile game, you get to the top by paying.

Welp. Thank you, Haegin. Definitely not happy.

P.S. Haegin has another game on the app store called "Play Together" which is probably the most chill casual mmo game right now. If you're someone who constantly suffers from anger problems and just wants to play a game to relax, then play this game.


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