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Overwhelmed with Nintendo Switch game choices. Please help me prioritize game purchases.

Content of the article: "Overwhelmed with Nintendo Switch game choices. Please help me prioritize game purchases."

Background: I’m a guy in my 40s and haven’t played video games since the early ‘90s. After months of looking, I finally found a Switch for MSRP. I’ve done a lot of research and have come up with too long of a list of games I want to purchase. I’d like to hear your thoughts on my choices. I’m open to other games I may have missed but my list is so long already I’m worried it will take years to get through them.

Genres I like: platformers/metroidvania, puzzle, RPG, games that can be played in short bursts of about an hour at a time, games that are relaxing and not too stressful, games where the characters have large jumps (Metroid/contra)

Not really interested in: first-person shooters, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Minecraft. I do not like the idea of never-ending building/farming games. I do not particularly like the metroidvania games with short jumps (castlevania/megaman).

Some old favorites: Metroid, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Shadowgate, Final Fantasy I, Adventures of Lolo, RC Pro Am, Phantasy Star II, Starflight, Sonic the Hedgehog

Breath of the Wild: I’ve been playing this for a few days now and like it a lot although the controls and the 3D aspect of it is new to me. My favorite parts so far are the shrines. I’m overwhelmed by all the items/inventory management and one thing I do not like is the durability factor of weapons but maybe I’ll get used to it. I don’t like how many buttons are needed for this game, but muscle memory is starting to kick in. I have been playing very slowly and exploring everywhere. I spent over 6 hrs meticulously searching the entire Great Plateau before getting the paraglider.

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Games I would like, in somewhat order of preference: * Breath of the Wild (already purchased) * Mario 3D Allstars (pre-ordered; never played these games) * Octopath Traveler (looks similar to how I remember the original Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star II) * Mario Maker 2 * Celeste * Ori and the Blind Forest * Darkwood * Axiom Verge * Inside * Iris Fall * A Short Hike * The Last Campfire * Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim * Hollow Knight * The Messenger * Luigi’s Mansion 3 * Shovel Knight Treasure Trove * Savior (unreleased) * Xenoblade Chronicles 2 * Outbuddies DX

Thoughts on priorities or opinions on my choices? I probably have about 10 hrs/week I can play these games. Should I wait until I get bored of (or finish) Breath of the Wild before I move on?

I’m tempted to just buy the top 8 or so on my list because I’m so excited about them. Or perhaps I should stick with 1 game of each genre for now?

I wasn’t expecting to see so many great looking games for this thing.


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