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And again a game of my gigantic backlog done!

This time it should be Oxenfree. A Horror-Coming-of-Age game with interesting optics. But one after the other:


Beautiful, hand drawn backgrounds in Dr. Seuss like 2D levels. You can almost feel the fog passing by from time to time while our character is moving through the forest.


Coherent music that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding sounds from time to time. Sometimes certain sounds triggered by the story become a bit loud.


The story sounds very clichéd at first: A group of teenagers wants to spend the night on a deserted island, which used to be a military base. Accidentally they open a portal and have to face hostile spirits from now on. What sounds trite here is in truth surprisingly coherent. The horror always takes place on emotional levels, similar to Alan Wake.

In addition, the horror story mixes with well-written, teenage-typical stories, about change, moving out, loss, etc.


The whole game is very dialogue-driven. Most of the time you can intervene in the dialogues of the other characters and answer in three different ways. Unfortunately these options fade away very quickly and you don't have the opportunity to listen to the conversation properly. We also interrupt our interlocutors sometimes, although we would have liked to hear their explanations to the end.


The Story. It's really credited and it's fun to learn more about the island's past and follow the characters.

The dubbing of the characters. A very nicely cast cast with pleasant voices from which I buy their emotions.

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The tempo of the game. Everything is slow. Very slow. The characters don't really move quickly over the map and the dialogues take what feel like eternities – especially when replaying the. This is partly due to the somewhat too large levels.


To get all achievements, I had to play through the game three times. This took me about 12.5 hours in total. Especially the third attempt was tough and definitely one too many. But for a one time only gaming experience (about 6h) the game is recommendable.

Overall I rate the game with an 8/10.


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