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Patient Gamers, you’re doing DLC wrong

Content of the article: "Patient Gamers, you’re doing DLC wrong"

I was reading through the "What are you playing this week?" thread and came across someone talking about how weak the DLC was compared to the base game of a recent AAA title. This is something I experience a lot, and it occurred to me not for the first time that DLC is one place where patient gamers get kinda a crappy experience.

DLCs like Fallout New Vegas that expand and deepen the experience of playing the base game are rare and not what most developers and publishers do. Most DLC is released a couple months after the base game came out. The idea is to sell it to people who have already completed the base game and haven't touched it in a month or so but still have fond memories of the game and would be happy to throw $20 at more of the same. It's like when Marvel made Ant Man in between Avengers movies. It's not supposed to be as good or epic as Age of Ultron, it's just supposed to kill time in between the bigger stories.

Playing the DLC right after beating the game is like having a Star Wars Marathon and after watching Return of the Jedi, popping in Solo or the Star Wars Christmas Special. All it does is add a bunch of frivolous stuff after the intended conclusion.

Shadow of Mordor was the game that made me realize this. First off, there were a few DLC missions that kicked my butt because I didn't realize they were DLC and I tackled them first thing, even before the missions that tutorialized all your powers and weapons. Then once I got the ending to the base game, I already had my fill of the gameplay. There was zero desire to keep playing after that, and there was still a lot of missions and an entire standalone DLC with a different character. I got the GOTY edition of the game for $5 so I can't really say it was a waste of money, but after that I realized that most of the time I'm happier not bothering with GOTY, Gold Editions, or Season Passes. Even if it only saves me a couple bucks, I now almost always go for the basic game over the "full" one, as I find more and more often all the DLC does is pad the content and throw off the pacing of the conclusion.

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Money-wise, it doesn't matter a ton, as a lot of games you can get everything bundled for pretty cheap by the time us patient gamers decide to pick a game up. Heck, some sites give you a deal but only on the GOTY. But ask yourself if you really want to play ALL of the DLC. Bigger isn't always better. Maybe leave it uninstalled, and put some distance between finishing the base game and starting on the DLC.


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