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PC users: let’s talk about the mouse and pain

Content of the article: "PC users: let’s talk about the mouse and pain"

A while ago I experienced pain in my neck, which I later identified as having poor posture while at my PC most of the day. I've made steps to remedy that, exercises, adjusting the monitor to an appropriate height, ensuring my joints are at 90 degree angles, etc.

However, the mouse situation still needs addressing. Lately I've been getting pain in my knuckle area. I have a supposedly 'ergonomic' Tecknet mouse, but ultimately it's just one of those devices you 'claw'.

I also have a vertical mouse, again by Tecknet, which I dug up from the gaming drawer and although it feels more comfortable having your hand resting sideways, and currently has no pain included, it's also not smooth at moving the cursor around. I've tried it on a plain surface rather than mousemat, and it only improves a little bit. Gonna clean my mouse mat and see if makes a difference. (maybe need a new type especially for wireless vertical mouse?)

I don't play twitchy shooters on PC, but still, struggling to aim a cursor in any game isn't fun. So last night I was googling different mouse types and discovered the trackball mouse. Which kind of looks like a mix between the claw and vertical mouse, kind of sloped a little, with the rollerball on the side.

This is very enticing, but I wanted to get Reddit's opinion on it. The thought of holding the mouse in any position and on any surface I want is really appealing, but then again, moving the cursor with the thumb might get tiresome?

What are your thoughts on the state of mouse and ergonomics these days? How have you dealt with RSI?

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EDIT: Got the Logitech M570 and oh boy this is gonna take some getting used to. I love how I can hold it in any position I want. I'm currently holding it with my arm bent almost across my body, no tension at all, and a stark contrast to the way you usually hold a regular mouse, with arm outstretched and taut.

Unfortunately there's no DPI button on the mouse so I'm fiddling with Windows cursor speed at the moment. It's too fast or too slow right now.


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