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Perhaps goodbye

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I think I am about to quit MMORPGs forever.

The last post I posted here

Made me realize MMOs are not what I was hoping they would be.

Nowadays they are not games, they are jobs. The social aspect (as the top commentor stated jokingly) is dropped to a bare minimum. The less player interaction, the better.

If you log into an MMORPG, these days, you expect a set of stuff – Dungeons, gear progression, flashy yellow-y bars with achievements to fill in. Fun fun times?! /s

I am 32, I had not the money to play the old school MMORPGs, despite always keeping a special place for Ultima… (And not playing it as I was a dumbdumb back then and could not get into it)

My first, mainstream, MMORPG experience was the first WOW. I was a Warcraft 3 fan, and the feeling of living in that world. And the hype train helped a lot, you could go on a video or forum, and see people yelling "FOR THE HORDE" or "Alliance!!!!"

It was a second life and MEANT something. Surely, there were min/maxxers back then too, but I had an undead warlock and (despite I didn't properly roleplay) had a connection with the Underworld and its inhabitants.

Fast forward 16 years, MMORPGs are either shit, or I'm just old. Basically, both are possible and both are equally irreversible. It's all a grind. Don't be fooled, just because a game has quests and a dungeon, doesn't mean we are not just grinding quests and a dungeon. People don't even talk to each other, they don't identify with an idea. There is no "Club" mentality. You are just there to blast through content, making no social links or lasting connections.

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I think this is goodbye. There are now better games out there, ones that don't try to do everything. Maybe that's the 2020's. Looking for your niche and sticking with it. Maybe users now are smarter than before, and are no longer satisfied with grind quests and generic zones, or mediocre PVP that can NEVER be balanced (because devs also need to think bout PVE)

Perhaps you need to define your interest and look for specific games. And never have the "Massive" in "MASSIVE multiplayer online RPG". Because RP is dead. Multiplayer Online is a tech requirement. And Massive is just… lonely. Plain lonely. Last letter there is G for Game. Is that still a thing?


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