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Persona 5: Not Perfect but Still a Fun Game

Content of the article: "Persona 5: Not Perfect but Still a Fun Game"

I managed to finish Persona 5 yesterday afternoon. I started playing the game over a month ago and it took me over 104 hours to beat it. Overall, I really did enjoy playing Persona 5. Even though it's not without its flaws, I still think it's a good game that people should play at least once.

I really liked the story and characters. The story did start off a bit slow but after it started to pick up, I became very invested in it. It was fun wondering what would happen next and the story had some twists and turns that I really didn't expect. The characters were great too. By the end, I really came to like the Phantom Thieves and watching their relationships with each other grow was nice to watch. Overall, both the characters and story were superb.

I also liked the music in this game. If there's one thing I can say about this game, it's that it has some great, catchy tracks. From the opening track of the game to the ending track, the music in this game is great. I still have some of the songs playing in my head. The Persona games have always had good soundtracks and this game is no expectation. Overall, this game had cool music that I enjoyed.

I also found the battle system pretty fun for the most part. I feel like the battle system in this game was great and an improvement over the battle systems in Persona 3 and Persona 4. Being able to use guns in this game was a nice change and Baton Passes were an interesting mechanic. Also, I liked the victory poses. I thought they were really stylish and nice to watch. Overall, the battle system was great.

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While Persona 5 was a great game, it's not without its flaws. As I mentioned before, it took me over 104 hours to beat this game. This is a very very long game and it can start to get a bit tedious over time. Personally, I would've preferred if they had shortened it a bit so it would be a little less tedious.

Also, some of the bosses can be pretty hard. Especially the final two bosses in the game. It took me several tries to beat them and it was not easy for me.

Despite its flaws, I really did enjoy Persona 5 and I understand why people like it. It's not flawless but it's a damn good game and I think people should try it at least once.


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