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Persona 5 Royal

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So after 150 hours, I finally finished P5R which turned into one of my favorite JRPGs. Some background, I had never played a persona game and most of my JRPG exposure was final fantasy and dragon quest (have played and beaten all the core numbered entries released in NA). Here are some overall thoughts.

The game is gorgeous and has an amazing style. The music is fantastic and while it got a bit repetitive after 150 hours, I still got pumped up by the battle theme.

From a gameplay perspective, it’s essentially two different games. One is a traditional turn-based rpg and the other is a sort of social simulator where you build relationships and stats through dialogue choices. At first, I found the social system to be more interesting and the combat a bit flat but around the midpoint of the game, that opinion flipped. The combat became a bit more complex with new teammates and monsters with less weaknesses. While the social system became more shallow as I realized it’s basically guessing which of the 3 choices is the “best” choice. I found myself rushing through the non-dungeon days to get to the palace combat. My main issue with combat is difficulty. There was only one boss that gave me any sort of trouble and even then, I beat him easily the second time. Even the extra, secret bosses weren’t difficult to beat. The combat has a lot of nuance but I never felt like I had to use it. I found myself equipping weaker items or using weaker characters to try to add some challenge in the later game.

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Story was interesting and hit all the normal anime tropes, for better or worse. I have only played the royal version but I actually feel like the 8th palace adds very little to the plot. After the magnitude of the original final boss, it feels kind of insignificant. Still fun but a bit tacked on.

Overall, loved the game and highly recommend for anyone who enjoys JRPGs.

TLDR: Beautiful jrpg that has tons of style with a fun combat system, if only a bit too easy


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