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Persona 5 Royal’s 3rd semester is one of the best segments i have ever played in a videogame.

Content of the article: "Persona 5 Royal’s 3rd semester is one of the best segments i have ever played in a videogame."

So, a little bit of context. I've never liked JRPGs. Tried to play Final Fantasy multiple times and even Chrono Trigger but its impossible for me to get into the slow ass combat and also i really REALLY dislike this typical japanese fantasy of teenagers saving the world but for some reason i felt like P5 would be my type of game, and i turned out right.

So, i think the main story is basically the same in P5 and P5R, and it's very good. With a few hiccups like Okumura's palace or the mid game twist, which i thought it couldve been better executed overall its a good story about overcoming society and its chains. Its enjoyable although i wish some characters like Haru or Yusuke got more developement being a 100+ h game, yes we get a glimpse of their true characters but only by maxing their confidents. I guess thats the point of spending time with them but i wish they were more relevant on the main plot.

But the 3rd semester is a whole different story. (Only in P5R)

Earlier in the story we meet Maruki, a school counselor that your high school hires to talk to some students after the suicide attempt of one student (story related to the first villain). Through maxing his confidant you get to know him and viceversa. He's researching congitive psience (wont go into much detail but basically is changing the world's perception of an individual) so he can help some student ease their pain, their difficulties, whatever. When you defeat the final boss and some time passes, some weird shit starts happening, basically some dead relatives of your friends apparently are alive and always have been, you start to notice that something is wrong, everything is too perfect. Turns out Maruki perfected his study of cognitive pscience and messed with the congition of practically the whole city so that they would get their ideal of happiness in real life, basically he gives everyone the perfect life that they desire in their heart.

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This is so engaging because i wouldnt even consider him a villain, later when we infiltrate his palace we can see videos of his backstory, where he comes from, what made him do this. Turns out his fiancees's family was killed and from the shock and trauma, she was in a deplorable state. So he went through with this research so nobody could ever endure the pain she endured anymore. Hes not even trying to do something bad, hes just going about it the wrong way. Perhaps the only part of this segment that shattered my suspense of disbelief a little bit is that none of your teammates has doubts about this perfect reality that Dr. Maruki offers you. Yeah i suppose they are the heroes and yadda yadda but i assure you if that offer was made to real adults, they would have a lot of doubts, these are teenagers and they dont doubt their beliefs for a second and i found that kind of lame but whatever.

The whole palace is insanely good imo, leagues above any other palace in the main story, forcing you to question your ideals and making you think like Maruki, understaning his ideal perfect reality while also disagreeing with him, because he's going about it the wrong way. A very common complaint was that the villains in the main story were kinda cartoonish. I disagree because you mostly see the villains in their own cognitive reality, so basically their true unchained self. But i also recongize that Maruki is more fleshed out and more complex that any other villain. Perhaps the only one who comes close is Sae and his casino.

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The final boss is insanely engaging, making you want to defeat him but also not wanting to fight him, having to come down at an inevitable fight. The music is god tier too.

That is all, now that i finished P5R, i dont know what to do with my spare time lol. Maybe i'll go back and play P3 and P4


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