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Phoenix Wright is a great little game that works perfectly if you have a busy schedule and limited gaming time

Content of the article: "Phoenix Wright is a great little game that works perfectly if you have a busy schedule and limited gaming time"

Work has been extremely busy for me the past month, so I picked up the first Phoenix Wright game for my DS for my gaming fix. I have heard great things about the series so wanted to try it for myself.

For the uninitiated, the Ace Attorney series is part of the visual novels genre, so you will be doing a lot of reading in the games. There’s an investigation phase where you meet characters and pick up clues and a courtroom phase where most of the fun lies and you use deduction reasoning to argue your case. I find most visual novel games to be slow moving but Phoenix Wright moves at a brisk pace especially during the courtroom phase and will keep you entertained.

I found all the characters incredibly charming despite their limited animations. There are some anime tropes but the localization team did an incredible job with the translation and the use of puns.

There are 5 cases and while the first 2 are pretty short to teach you the mechanics, the last 3 ramps up in intensity and the 4th and 5th cases are extremely well done and satisfying.

What I like best about the cases are that the reasonings you’re use to win the cases are fair and can be reached through deductive reasoning. There’s no leaps in logic and the game for the most part guides you pretty well. Some evidences are a bit challenging and requires you to really use your brain but they are fair and makes logical sense. I did resort to trial and error in 1 or 2 instances to get the right evidence but they made sense upon reveal.

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The investigation phase though can sometimes feel like a drag as you have to visit locations and talk to people in a certain order to progress the game and there are a few instances where I wasted time trying to figure out the correct order to get the game going. I definitely prefer the courtroom phases way more.

I was expecting to find big twists in this game but this first game at least didn’t contain any. As long as you follow the logical reasoning, all the villains makes sense. There was one instance in the last case that I thought was a shocking twist but it turned out to be a red herring.

Now regarding post title, I really appreciated that you can save anytime for this game (you can save scum if you want). Also cases are broken up into short chapter sections. This allows me to have a fulfilling gaming session even after just 30 min. With my busy schedule, I used this game to satisfy my gaming fix by playing 30min each night for around a month. Not a lot of games can provide this satisfying fix.

I really enjoyed the game and would give it a very good 8.5/10. I’m looking forward to getting the next 2 games in the series to finish the trilogy (I heard the games after the trilogy aren’t as good anymore). I read that the second game has mixed reviews but the third is supposedly one of the best. I’m not in a hurry to get them though as I don’t want to burn out playing these games back to back. Any thoughts and recommendations on the series?

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