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Pikmin 3 is great

Content of the article: "Pikmin 3 is great"

"But Pikmin 3 just came out," you might be thinking. "Why are you posting about it on r/patientgamers?"

It is true that the deluxe version of Pikmin 3 just came out for Switch, but its imminent release also reminded me of something: I've owned the Wii U version for years, and I never really gotten around to playing it. For whatever reason, I just forgot about it, especially once I bought my Switch and left the poor Wii U in the back of my closet. I was even thinking of getting the Switch version of Pikmin, but then I realized that buying a $60 version of a game I already own didn't make much sense, which spurred me to dust off my Wii U and actually get through this game.

I'm only a few hours in so far, but I'm really enjoying it, and I think this game is really something special. For starters: it's very cute. The mannerisms of the pikmin are so charming as they carry massive fruit twice their size and batter giant bugs to death, and the variety of pikmin, from red to yellow to rock, makes for some interesting strategical choices. In terms of gameplay, really the closest comparison I can think of is to real-time strategy games like Starcraft, though maybe a little less stressful. You play as three miniature astronauts as they struggle to leave an alien planet, throwing pikmin and exploring the different maps, solving different puzzles and combat encounters along the way.

If there was ever a game that was designed to use Wii motion controls, this would be it: it feels like the perfect control scheme for aiming and shooting. I also appreciated the incorporation of the Wii U gamepad into the game, even though it's even more of a gimmick than the original Wii; it basically acts as your map, and allows you to micromanage and multitask your squads very easily by automatically sending them to walk to certain locations. It's a little unwieldy to play with the Wiimote/Nunchuck and the gamepad, as you have to awkwardly set the gamepad to the side as you play, but the convenience was worth it.

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If there's one criticism I can think of, it would probably be the day system. Basically, you play the game in distinct 20-25 minute blocks, which constitutes one day like in Minecraft, and then you fly up in your spaceship during the night. One day is just too short of a time to really explore, and it's annoying to have to go through an five minute interlude every day just go get back onto the ground. The aiming can also occasionally be unprecise, but these are pretty small criticisms.

But yeah, overall, it's a fun game, and unlike anything I've ever played. If you need something to play on your Switch, or even your Wii U, definitely pick it up.


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