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Platform fighters like Brawlhalla and Smash Bros. are the best kinds of fighting games

Content of the article: "Platform fighters like Brawlhalla and Smash Bros. are the best kinds of fighting games"

TL;DR: They're more casual friendly

Like the title says, I think platform fighters are better fighting games than traditional ones such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

I say this because they're a sandbox. If you aren't familiar with these, how combat in both subgenres works is that: you have your basic attacks in both games you can do; however in Street Fighter if you input certain button combinations your character does an attack that has its own strengths with a special animation, whereas in Smash you strictly get one action per button press- the character specific attacks here are hardly as personal as the ones in Street Fighter.

It's because it's so simplified is why I think they're better. This changes the core of the game, which makes the experience faster and easier without sacrificing any sort of satisfaction you get from winning.

It's faster because, obviously they're platformers so characters are naturally faster, but also because you aren't slowed down to press your buttons in a specific order in a specific way in a specific direction. You can make changes on the fly, you have different ways to play a single character.

It's easier because you have less things to memorise, which is great as a casual player to get into. You can memorise what your fighter can do on a basic level within the first five seconds of the game and just enjoy the rest experimenting.

Having to learn before having fun is minimized when everything is simplified. Your combos aren't pre-determined, instead you are invent your own combos with your fighter's kit, hence why I call it a "sandbox". You're fighting to get KO's rather than managing a health bar, you have the option to just go all out on the offensive.

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At the same time, the skill ceiling doesn't get lowered because it's so open ended; As a competitive player, instead of memorizing enemy character-specific attacks, you're playing mind games trying to figure out the enemy player's mindset because they have so many options.


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