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Playing Far Cry 3 for the first time in 2021 – My review

Hello Patient Gamers!

Reviewing a game that is almost a decade old at this point seems like the quintessentially patient gamer post, right? I don't know, I guess the mods and the rest of you will let me know… I remember the game from years ago but never played it. The cover looked cool. I played FC 5 last year, it was my first FC/Ubisoft game experience and…I had a good time. The game wasn't perfect. The ending sucked, the villains and story was a bit dis-jointed and uneven. But overall it was a fun experience. Then I saw FC 3 on sale for under 10 bucks, so I figured it was worth a try. I played it, credits rolled and these are a few points I would like to share and discuss with this community, if you would all indulge me….

I played it on a base PS4 slim.

Graphics: It is a game from 2012. A PS3/EARLY PS4 game. But frankly, the graphics, although showing some age, still hold up. the character animations aren't great but they aren't distractingly bad either. I would say they were not that much of a departure from the FC 5 graphics.

Hype versus reality of playing in 2021: Coming into the game I had high expectations. Online communities generally tout this game as the best FC game. So I was excited to try it. But, I must say, as a first time player I didn't really get blown away by the experience. It was fun. I enjoyed it, but frankly, it wasn't that much different or better than FC5. I imagine if I would have played this upon release I would have had a higher opinion of it. But playing it for the first time in 2021, I was entertained but not blown away. Vaas, a character that I often see cited as one of the best characters ever, was good and menacing, and I think Michael Mando is an excellent actor. But it really wasn't that mind-blowing or worthy of the effusive hype I have seen online throughout the years. I thought Citra was far more interesting, yet I never heard her mentioned in online comments until I played the game. I found her to be way more interesting than Vaas. And also one of the sexiest female characters in a game I have ever seen. I wonder why she doesn't garner more recognition? Everyone seems to name check Vaas when discussing this game and never Citra. But what do I know? That is just my subjective opinion as a first time player.

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I enjoyed the gun progression. Climbing the towers felt repetitive and boring after the first handful. The game felt a bit too long in the third act. I kind of lost interest after killing Vaas and felt like the last third could have been a bit more compact and less drawn out.

The music was wonderful. I enjoyed the island calypso very much. It was unique and fit the overall aesthetic quite well. The world was open, but yet, I really didn't find much reason to veer off from the objectives. I had no real interest in collecting relics or finding the memory cards or the doing the other side objectives. The poker mini game was cool but not very challenging. I thought Red Dead had a better poker mini game.

I enjoyed the guns. The crafting was a bit limited but okay. Overall I thought the game was a bit too drawn out plot wise towards the end. I didn't really care about the characters too much. A bunch of spoiled rich kids on an island vacation are not the most relatable or sympathetic. And the scenario was far fetched and also unrealistic.

So all in all, it was worth playing for 10 bucks. I had a fun time but I don't feel like it was an amazing must play experience if you haven't played it. But. If you want to blow stuff up and dig in for 10 bucks, I would recommend it. As long as you don't come in with high expectations of playing a unique game.

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My favorite scene was where you rescue Riley and he flies the helicopter and it plays the Ride of the Valkyries a la Apocalypse Now. That was cool. My least favorite scene was the gratuitous graphic violence of torturing Riley. That was unfortunate and not fun to play. I enjoyed the Willis character and Hurk. Very good voice acting and some funny lines.

My score: 7.5/10.


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