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Playing games completely blind should be the only way to play games.

Content of the article: "Playing games completely blind should be the only way to play games."

To start, here's a list of some games that people told me were trash that I actually really enjoyed:
Outlast 2.
Dragon Age: Inquisition.
Final Fantasy XV & Final Fantasy XIII.
Fallout 4.
Mass Effect: Andromeda
.Ark: Survival Evolved.
Far Cry 4.
Halo 4.
Basically any game in the Two Worlds, Risen, and various other AA RPG category.

All of these games were largely unrecommended by Reddit and/or just generally poorly reviewed. I always used to excessively research a game before buying it so I'd know if I was getting my "money's worth" or whatever, and I think all I really accomplished was spoiling the fun of a lot of games I potentially would've enjoyed. Especially with the past 5 or so years where it's been easier than ever to refund a game you don't enjoy.

Outlast 2 ended up being my favorite horror game, Dragon Age: Inquisition soaked up over a hundred hours of my time, Halo 4 is my favorite Halo and I started with Halo 2 in 2007, Fallout 4 is my favorite Fallout and I started with Fallout 3 at it's launch. These kinds of examples go on and on.

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I guess my main point is that general bias against or for something grows fast with a medium like the internet.
A couple major journalists dislike a game and suddenly so does everyone else. A handful of dudes on Reddit think a certain game is complete garbage and it's hard to convince yourself to try the game on your own. A certain game doesn't maintain the same theme or game direction as the previous games in it's series and it's unworthy of being played (ahem… Fallout 4).

But for me, bugs don't really bother me all that much. Repetitive gameplay doesn't really bother me if the story is entertaining. Poor roleplay mechanics don't really bother me if the gameplay is exciting. There are things to enjoy about every game, and even bad ones can still give you an entertaining experience. With that being said, if anyone who called Outlast 2 a bad game would like to fight to the death just hmu.

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