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Playing my first Yakuza game, Yakuza 0 and really enjoying it.

Content of the article: "Playing my first Yakuza game, Yakuza 0 and really enjoying it."

I am at chapter 9 of Yakuza 0 and really loving the game, cant wait to see how the story ends. I feel bad it took me so long to play the series, after I am done with Zero I intend to play the entire series. I am the game is highly praised so there isnt much to say about it that hasnt been said already. But yeah the story is great, the combat is fun, the world is cool. Its just a good, fun game, from top to bottom.

My only gripe with the game is the main thing that was stopping me from playing the whole time. The game isnt in english. And I completely get is a japanese game and so was made in that language. But the concept of playing a game because it was made in a certain country, that I just dont get. GTA5 was made in english, I am sure it has a Japanese version with voice overs. The last of us was made in america and is set in america and was made in english. Would having that game with Japanese voice overs take away from the game? Probably not. And I think we can say the same for Yakuza 0. Alot of stuff I read regarding english voice overs is like oh its not authentic, thats not how the game was made to be played. And I get that. But can you say the same of any english language based game? I dont mind reading subtitles, I play most games, movies, and tv shows, with subtitles on just so I can understand better. But when the entire game is in a language you dont understand it sucks. And sometimes the subtitles move so fast, and I consider myself a quick reader. Like you almost cant enjoy the game because you cant really look at cutscenes or npc faces because you will miss the dialogue. Like sometimes it moves so fast you will miss some words. You cant take you eyes off the screen for 2 seconds during some points because you will miss what the hell is going on.

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But yeah, going by whats been said about this game it seems unpopular to suggest an english voice over, but I really wish this game had one.

The game is really really fun and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of playing it, I wish I played it sooner. But the lack of english is so jarring to me. Really makes me struggle to enjoy the game at some points because you have to read the text boxes, but by the time you do the camera has cut away so you never see the characters face or expression or whatever, you just have to read the text as fast as you can.

Anyway thats my takeaway from this game so far.


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