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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games | April 2021

Hello r/PS4 users!

Link to add the games to your account (to be updated by Sony)

If the link above hasn't been updated, refer to the PS Store links below. If you live in NA, the games will appear as free later in the day.

We're back to "normal" levels with the PS+ Monthly Games. Still, there's some great stuff to grab this month, with a zombie theme on PS4 and an awaited sequel, available for its release on PS5 only.

Let's also remind that you can grab 9 free games this month through Play at Home: Subnautica, Enter The Gungeon, Thumper, Abzû, The Witness, Rez Infinite, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss and Paper Beast. And on April 19, Horizon: Zero Dawn will join the roster, alongside its DLC.

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Days Gone


This world comes for you.

Ride into a desperate dog-eat-dog world ravaged by a deadly pandemic as drifter and bounty hunter, Deacon St. John. Risk the threats of the broken road on the back of your trusty drifter bike as you face swarms of mindless feral Freakers – and equally terrifying humans. Unpredictable weather and different times of day and night can cause incredible danger and shocking surprises… and everything wants you dead.

Fact sheet

  • Developer: Bend Studio
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Release date: April 26, 2019
  • Genres: Open-world, Zombies, Biking
  • PS5 upgrade: Yes, it runs at 60 fps! Note that if you have a PS5, the game is already included in the PS+ Collection.
  • DLC included?: No DLC.
  • Opencritic score: 71
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Zombie Army 4: Dead War


Hitler’s hordes are back for more in this spine-chilling shooter from the makers of Sniper Elite 4! Abominable occult enemies, epic weapons and a harrowing new campaign for 1-4 players await in 1940s Europe, as you fight to save humankind from undead Armageddon!

The resistance have defeated Zombie Hitler and cast him into Hell – but the dead rise once again with greater hunger than before! Continue the alternate history of Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels, and uncover a sinister plan that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy and beyond!

Fact sheet

  • Developer: Rebellion
  • Publisher: Rebellion
  • Release date: February 4, 2020
  • Genres: Third-person shooter, Survival, Zombies
  • PS5 upgrade: No PS5 upgrade, just smoother performance (the game runs at 60 fps on PS4).
  • DLC included?: No DLC included.
  • Opencritic score: 75 (yeah, it's higher than Days Gone. Go figure.)

Oddworld: Soulstorm (PS5 only)


Taking up where New ‘N’ Tasty ended, embark on the second chapter of Abe’s heroic journey.

Set directly after the events of 2014's Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty, Oddworld: Soulstorm is the second game in Abe’s heroic new epic.

Abe has now undergone a transformation – from a clueless Mudokon cog about to be chewed up by the Glukkons’ mega-corporate machines into an unlikely hero who rises to become a beacon of hope.

Fact sheet

  • Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
  • Publisher: Maximum Games
  • Release date: April 6, 2021
  • Genres: Platformer, Stealth, Escape
  • PS4 version included: Nope, PS5 only.
  • DLC included?: No DLC included.
  • Opencritic score: TBA
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim and play the free PS4 games on my PS5?

Of course! As long as there's no notice about the game having problems with backwards compatibility, all PS4 Plus games will be playable on PS5.

Can I claim Oddworld: Soulstorm for my account even if I don't own a PS5?

Yes! No problem about that, it's completely allowed.

Can I still claim previous months games?

Nope, it's over. You missed the train.

The free games aren't showing as free during checkout, is this normal?

If you live in NA, the games appear as free a bit later in the day compared to the EU Store.

How can I benefit from the PlayStation Plus Collection on my PS4?

You can access the PlayStation Plus Collection by connecting your account with a PS5, and claim all the games on the PS5. You can then play them on your PS4, as long as your account has a Plus subscription active. Please note that its at your own risk, as Sony can identify the accounts and the consoles that give "too much" of these games. Some players selling that "service" have been banned.


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