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PlayStation VR Demo Thread – What’s available and What’s Good – Let’s Discuss

So, a buddy of mine was asking me what "free" games the PlayStation VR has. I know that there's lots of free stuff for an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but maybe not that much free stuff on PSVR. However, there's actually a lot of demos on PSVR. I've compiled a list of demos that I think is a good starting point. If anybody notices a demo on this list that is no longer available, please let me know about it, and I will update this list. Also, the real information I'm looking for from the PSVR community, is which of these demos is worth the time/effort and which ones aren't. I know that some demos, you get into them, and they're over with, within a few seconds. Then, there are other demos, that you're almost surprised by how much of the game they're letting you sample. So if any of these demos strike you as being unbelievably brief, or longer than you'd expect them to be, please let us know about it. Thanks! (NOTE: Not in any particular order)

  1. Battlezone – Rebellion (Demo Disc 1)
  2. Driveclub VR – Evolution Studios (Demo Disc 1)
  3. EVE: Valkyrie – CCP Games (Demo Disc 1)
  4. Gnog – KO_OP (Demo Disc 1)
  5. Harmonix Music VR – Harmonix Music Systems (Demo Disc 1)
  6. Here They Lie – Tangentlemen (Demo Disc 1)
  7. Job Simulator – Owlchemy Labs (Demo Disc 1)
  8. PlayStation VR Worlds – London Studio (Demo Disc 1)
  9. RE7: The Beginning Hour – Capcom
  10. Rez Infinite – Enhance Games/Monstars Inc. ((Demo Disc 1)
  11. Rigs Mechanized Combat League – Guerrilla Cambridge (Demo Disc 1)
  12. Thumper – Drool (Demo Disc 1)
  13. Tumble VR – Supermassive Games (Demo Disc 1)
  14. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Supermassive Games (Demo Disc 1)
  15. Wayward Sky – Uber Entertainment (Demo Disc 1)
  16. Dino Frontier – Uber Entertainment (Demo Disc 2)
  17. Fantastic Contraption – Radial Games (Demo Disc 2)
  18. Moss – Polyarc (Demo Disc 2)
  19. Raw Data – Survios (Demo Disc 2)
  20. Star Child – Playful (Demo Disc 2)
  21. The Persistence – Firesprite (Demo Disc 2)
  22. Tiny Trax – FuturLab (Demo Disc 2)
  23. Astro Bot Rescue Mission – Japan Studio (Demo Disk 3)
  24. Headmaster – Frame Interactive (Demo Disk 3)
  25. SUPERHOT VR – SUPERHOT Team (Demo Disk 3)
  26. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience – Infinity Ward/Paper Crane Games
  27. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience – CreateVR/Sony Pictures VR
  28. Ancient Amuletor – TiGAMES
  29. Tethered – Secret Sorcery
  30. VirZOOM Arcade – VirZOOM
  31. Wipeout Demo – Clever Beans/EPOS Game Studios
  32. Marvel's Iron Man VR Demo – Camouflaj
  33. Everybody's Golf VR Demo – Clap Hanz
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