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PlayStation VR’s future and the small problem of motion sickness and the general public.

Let me start by saying, I am excited for NEX GEN PlayStation VR.

YES better controllers with easier set up, better headset, haptic feedback… and morre

I know VR is AMAZING and you should try it if you are a gaming enthusiast.

My thing is and I am a experienced user in vr, no comfort settings. But sometimes I can still get a bit of VR sickness, very mild and rare. This is on PSVR

So i guess it happens if the body is not sure what position it is in, and plus the game is moving your head when not moving. Its tricking are lizard brains too much thus the brain and body rejects and makes a sick feeling. Also there is a bit of a uncomfortable feeling with stationary(in real life) locomotion vr games. ITS NOT AS NATRAUL

For the most part some games can do it fine and i have no issues, on others, i think a vr user might know. You can get use to it, the mind and the body can adapt speaking to the power of our brains.

All I know is, i don't like LOCOMOTION games as much(even though they offer way more.) The vr games that have you in one place with not much movement(just body tracking), Beat Saber and just recently Surgeon Simulator just feel fun and natural, these kind of games are still king in my opinion and easier for the brain to wrap around.(BIG ROOM FOR VR IS A MUST!)

I can play locomotion base games, and when I do, they do amaze me. But a small part of my lizard brain is like NAHH, very rare to happen. I feel as these games feel like more work(4 brain) thus making them less fun? I am back and forth about it. Depends on the game

its new tech, I can take it 98 percent of the time but then something happen i get in a game roller-coaster and feel it. I can control my vr character with twin sticks fine! no snap, no teleportation. Personally think devs needs to take it easy on the new vr users.

The game Dreams has the right idea, they rate levels on the kind of VR experience they offer. Beginner, Intermediate, and NO TRANING WHEELS RUN WILD! I can do the last one but it can sneak up on me sometimes. Think this is how VR games should be sold and offered, the warning is needed. VR IS VERY INTENSE FOR NEW PEOPLE!(u seen videos!)

Hoping PlayStation NEXT GEN VR can negate some of the sick feelings with the improved tech or just even improved software to make it feel better to use. This is a very rare case for me but I am aware people are sensitive to things and for VR to go forward it cant feel intimidating to jump in for new users, this is still a growing market(new) and new people should not be stepping in the deep end because they will drown, unless they are hardcore gamers who just power threw it.(me) I Platinumed Beat Saber on PSVR.

I want it to do good(sell well) because those big budget AAA games will not come if the market is not there, plus its a new frontier for tech and media, which makes it very exciting.

Guess for the health of people, keep the old people, mentally ill, and dumb young kids away(teens should be fine) for the sake of their own health. I am a grown adult hitting 31 soon and i can say VR can mess with the head on a phycological level way more than TV and regular Video Games. Doesn't hurt to have some precaution on this tech. I'm just nerding on this new tech, and I want to stay in the PlayStation eco system, I cant go back to just looking at a window, i want to be in the game!

I would really like to hear other peoples thoughts. VR is still not mainstream, and the Quest 2, being the amazing tech that it is, is still in stock, but not the PS5(gud luck). Could just be market awareness, u really have to try VR, plus Facebooks names is on it WHICH NOBODY WANTS!

I'm looking into this TOO MUCH. But would really like to hear other peoples thoughts. Thanks for reading 💙

Also this is really well made concept design


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