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PLEASE READ Xbox one keeps cutting power (hopefully the bot doesn’t take this down again)

Hello everyone, right now I am currently having very frustrating problems with my Xbox one and am hoping someone can help me solve it or at least understand what is going on

So, about 3 months ago my older brother moved out and took his Xbox one with him, which I normally played on, but then my friend had an extra base model Xbox that he gave me, however, the Xbox had been sitting and had not been used in about 3 years.

Flash forward to first using it, for about 20 days it works fine, then it starts having minor problems where it won’t turn on for some reason, so I get a new power brick, and that seems to solve it for about a month, but then about 1 month after that it starts having problems where it will randomly shuts off and cuts power, almost like there is a surge, to where I have to unplug the power brick and plug it back in and then start the console up again, this happens very rarely though, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Now, about a month ago to now, the Xbox has been working absolutely horrendous, cutting power within 30 seconds about 95% of the time, and rarely getting past that, and still doing the surge thing where you have to unplug and re-plug in the power brick. sometimes even cutting power as soon as the power brick gets plugged into the Xbox. But it’s really weird, because like 1% of the time it will actually work for as long as I want it too (just last week I played it for 4 hours and it worked the whole time) so it’s seemingly sometimes random.

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I have tried basically everything imaginable now to help it work and nothing has helped, I have tried:

New power brick: even though I just got a new one I borrowed 1 from my brother and 1 from another friend to see if it was that, and even though both the power bricks were completely normal working bricks, it did not help the Xbox at all

Cleaning: first I dusted the outside with a microfiber cloth made for dust, but when that seemingly wasn’t enough, I took apart the Xbox and re-dusted all the vents completely, this did not help

Fan: rigged the Xbox to turn on without the top on to see if the fan was working, which it was

Outlet: was Originally plugged into an extension cord when I first got it and it was working completely fine, this month though since it has been working horrible I have plugged it directly into an outlet, this did not help

Placement: when I first got it and it was working fine it was on a shelf in my tv stand, since it starting doing terrible I have since moved to the most open part of my room (basically in the middle) where it has the most room to “breath”, along with this, it is not on carpet since the floor in my room is hardwood, this did not help.

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Hard reset: before the bot comes in and says to hard reset it, yes, I have hard reset it more times than I can help hoping it will iron out the problem, it has not helped Conclusion: 1. Thanks for taking your time to read this and hopefully try and help me, it really means a lot 2. This wouldn’t be so frustrating normally since right now I should be doing sports, school, and other things, however because of covid a lot of stuff is closed/not going on/ very limited, so it really sucks I can’t just play my Xbox to pass the time a bit 3. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place right now because normally I could just get a new Xbox one or something, but I’ve been trying to get my hands on a series x, which as anyone who has tried to get it would know, it is not easy, so I don’t want to waste money on an old Xbox when I could just try and get a new one.

Thank you for reading, Anthony


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