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Police Stories, not quite the SWAT 4 but still fun

Content of the article: "Police Stories, not quite the SWAT 4 but still fun"

SWAT 4 is one of my personal favorite games of all time, not because I've played it for hundreds of hours or anything like that (probably completed the missions only around 3 times total) but because it's one of the more unique and memorable gaming experiences, at least to me. It's not quite as brutal as some games that try to be 'hardcore simulators' which makes it quite a bit more accessible for a regular player but it still gives the tools to play it sort of like a simulator.

Now, back to the topic at hand. I've been looking for a sequel or spiritual successors or anything close to what SWAT 4 offered and to my surprise there really hasn't been that many games similar to SWAT 4. There's been games like Door Kickers and Breach & Clear and that's pretty much what I've managed to find.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Police Stories on Steam. It wasn't an FPS like SWAT 4 but it seemed to focus on solving missions with the use of gadgets and trying to avoid penalties like getting a civilian killed etc.) and it had a story so all seemed to be great.

After playing it, the game's pretty OK. The game's difficulty is rather brutal at the start cause usually just one shot takes you out and if you are trying to avoid shooting hostiles who have a gun but haven't raised their weapon, you only have a tiny window between them going offensive and you taking them down before you get shot. Thankfully most missions are not massive so restarting a mission isn't that big of an annoyance like it was in SWAT 4 where restarting after dying to the last hostile that was hiding behind a corner with a shotgun.

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The various gadgets are cool and the game got better and better as the time went on. My first impression was rather poor but once you got more of the gadgets that made it easier to clear rooms without shooting hostiles the game was much more enjoyable, at the start that's not quite possible without lots of trial and error due to distance between hostiles and lack of gadgets (cause you unlock them by completing missions) that disorient the opponents for a moment.

Overall, I'd say that if you're looking for something that'd scratch that SWAT 4 itch, I would recommend getting Police Stories.


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