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[Poll] What do you play MMO’s for?

Content of the article: "[Poll] What do you play MMO’s for?"

I wanted to know what people are actually playing MMOs for. I think there's some disparity when people talk about them, some people want a challenge, some want to explore and discover, some just want to look cool. I figured these 3 options encompass the different mindsets that people might have in the simplest way possible.

Challenging content and progression. By this I mean difficult group content such as dungeons and raids, WoW for example. Or long term progression that isn't available in other genres.

An online world (Sandbox). By this I would use eve as an example. Sandbox gameplay where you can essentially do anything, most of the game is player controlled and the fun of it is because of this.

For fashion / an online chat room? I would use Guild Wars 2 or FFXIV(could also fall under challenging content) for this as I find most players just want to make their characters look cool, and the other content is more of an extra activity.

Why didn't I include X?

Roleplay can be done within any game, an online world gives more freedom and roleplay activities that one could do, but if you're playing for fashion then you could still sufficiently roleplay and play your character to your desires.

Playing with friends can be done with all 3 mindsets. Your friends and you might enjoy a nice challenge, or messing around together in the other 2.

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Making friends can be done under all 3.

Why not all of the above? This is something I expect most people would want to answer with, which is why I didn't include it. I want to know what most people's main goal of an mmo is, what is it that sparks your interest the most. If a new MMO was announced right now, what would excite you the most.

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