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Possible remedies on Mat Dickie’s decision to remove Android support on Wrestling Empire


In this post here, Mat Dickie has announced before that he will remove Android support soon for Wrestling Empire in amidst of people pirating the game for free premium membership (in which he offers it ingame for £3.99 per year), yet Mat Dickie often put out scenarios about "Go pay the Pro Membership or you'll never progress this game any longer" on most of his previous mobile works, which is a sign of a Pay-To-Win game. Outside of the linked subreddit (and from myself there), this was a controversial move from Mat himself as he amassed popularity before from releasing Wrestling Revolution 3D (with constant updates), which it reached 50 Million downloads on the Play Store, the first mobile sports game itself of any kind.

And as you might notice on the above context link about the removal of Android support for the game itself, yes I commented my own thoughts and solution on how he might take advantage of the problem, which I know is risky but has worked before on previous indie developers before. My possible remedy for the problem isn't going to be related from before, but entirely new that is legal, which are these:

  1. Putting a Kickstarter in the middle of development
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If he wants Wrestling Empire to sell and become a complete game from his vision and criticisms he approves to improve the game, he should've put a Kickstarter for it. He can set up how high or low the budget he wans to amass for the game, as long as it still has that MDickie charm people infamously knew. This gives him enough time not just to implement alot of features and choices to do ingame, but also he can hire others to work for him and become a better game than it is right now.

  1. Set up a Patreon account

If he decided not to launch a Kickstarter for the game and released it few years later, but he's still currently updating the game. Then he should give himself a Patreon account so they can give him off money in exchange for better content on his frequently updated game. I read before somewhere that Mat had an actual family to raise and bills to pay, Patreon can be beneficial for funding those mentioned stuff so he can continue on updating Wrestling Empire without having any more risks of being broke unexpectedly when creating content. If the infamous likes of YandereDev and Christina Weston Chandler can have their own Patreon accounts and be funded successfully despite individual dramas faced, then Mat Dickie can too.

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It would be interesting to find a counterpoint of this situation, or just decide for Mat to delete Android support for good because reasons other than mentioned here.


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