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Prey 2017 – not a fan of the gameplay

Content of the article: "Prey 2017 – not a fan of the gameplay"

I'm about 5 hours into the game and I don't know if I care to continue despite liking most 0451-style games.

There is a lot I like but a couple of major annoyances are getting in the way of enjoying the experience.

My first issue is the amount of inventory management and trash items that the game throws at the player. Because of the recycling mechanic my inventory gets overfilled with stuff I don't need and I find myself "wasting" too much time sifting through far too many useless items (for example, I have about 10-15 different types of food items that all serve the same function cluttering up my inventory). I'm generally not a fan of the "post-apocalyptic cleanup services" types of games where you play as a human hoover hell-bent on picking up every useless piece of trash lying around and the mechanic seems impossible to ignore in Prey.

My second big issue is with the gunplay. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but the combat options seem very limited leading to quite boring & formulaic encounters. For smaller enemies use the gloo gun & wrench; at short-range: shotgun; at mid-range: pistol; when fighting robots: electric pistol. If I were to compare this to the loadout in the original Deus Ex in addition to the melee weapons, pistols and assault rifles/shotguns we had GEP guns (slow, non hit-scan, explode loot), poison darts, sniper rifles and a few others all of which spiced up the gameplay and offered different ways of approaching encounters.

On top of that Prey seems to have a really lack-luster upgrade trees with minimal effect on moment-to-moment gameplay which would be OK if it also had upgrades that offer more options like the augmentations in Deus Ex.

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Has anyone had a similar experience in the game? Am I missing something obvious? Does it get better further in or should I move onto something else?

EDIT: Hah, the psychoscope was literally in the next room over 😀


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