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Prey Mooncrash is in the God-Tier of DLC, what are the other best DLC’s of all time?

Content of the article: "Prey Mooncrash is in the God-Tier of DLC, what are the other best DLC’s of all time?"

I am playing Mooncrash right now, and enjoying it much more than the base game. It was/is criminally underplayed at release. The basic premise is that you are on a Moon base with 4 large areas, you then play through the map consecutively with 5 different characters, each having skill that only they have. And after each time you play through with a character any changes you made to the map stay there. So if you unlock a door it stays open, or if you repair a turret or door it is fixed. And after all 5 characters have either escaped or died, you reset the map and start all over. So it is technically a rougelite, but a very awesome twist on the genre.

I think I like it better than the base game due to the freedom in Mooncrash. In the base game you go from objective to objective one after the other, but in Mooncrash all 5 characters have story quests that can be done, or ways of escaping that require the cooperation of different characters, so you are free to pursue the multiple objectives in whatever order you want. This non-directed play suits my style more.

Oh, in addition, all the Neuromod upgrades you take during the game carries over on all runs through the map, so once you upgrade someone they stay upgraded. So I guess that is the progression that caries over as time passes. In addition, the hazards get greater the more of the objectives you unlock. So some areas will have fire or radiation, then eventually some areas will not have power, and finally some areas will not have oxygen. So the map has an element of randomness as well, like other rougelites.

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I think I am enjoying this game, and all of Arkane's games, because it is so cerebral, there is so much thinking and planning involved. And they just dropped a trailer for their next game Death Loop that comes out next year, and it looks like more Immersive Sim greatness from them.

Anyway, my question is, what are the other best DLC's of all time?


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