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Prince of persia: The two thrones is not as good as I remembered it to be…

The prince of Persia games, everyone remembers at least one of them, right? I had a flashback the other day, I was in my first year of highschool, it was 2007 and things were looking up for me, I had good friends, I had a girlfriend and out of school activities.

Introduce the: first 3d assassin style game I played in my entire life, I grew up in a poor household so I didn't have many things, back in 2007 I had a crappy computer with 512 mb of ram with a crt monitor and like 64 gb of hard drive, I was stuck with the cheapest internet connection my dad could afford which was a 512 kbps from the local phone company, downloading games wasnt like it is today at all (still stuck with 5 mbps but it's a lot better nowadays) and as a mexican teenager in highschool I didnt really have money to buy games and neither did my parents, enter the video game forums.

That was like a paradise for me since there were lots of games uploaded in .rar files of 10-20 parts roughly, now 99.9% of these games I couldn't play because of my very very limited hardware but I grabbed the ones I could run, among these was PoP: the two thrones, it was the first 3d assassin style game I had ever played and I had such a blast doing so, it was the most exciting to sneak around the little levels and stealth kill every enemy, the kill animations (even though there were only like 2 or 3 variations of it) were the best, I felt like such a professional assassin playing it, the boss fights were epic and felt rewarding because I had such a hard time beating them (not that the boss fights were difficult it was just that my really bad computer had a hard time running the game at all and would lag a lot all the time so even pulling off a steal kill clicking the left mouse button at the right time was hard enough already).

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Skip forward 12 years and I felt the itch, well that game I pirated back in the day was on sale, I thought to myself: Time to get drunk on some nostalgia.

I had a 10 dollar paypal coupon from a paypal account I hadn't used in months and so I bit the bullet and bought it, it was on sale for like 2 dollars on steam and I was so excited at first.

Then i installed it, 15 minutes download 1.2 gb, nothing compared to the 2 days it took me to download it on my previous internet and computer. Amazing! Let's drown in nostalgia. The very first thing I noticed was that the characters didnt sound as epic as I remembered them, the voice acting was delivered in a very dry and very robot like tone, the lack of facial animation didnt help but that's understandable for the technology at the time, on the other hand the voice actors felt like they never really gave an F about the story, they were just reading the chapter of the book in class in front of the teacher because they happened to make eye contact with her when she asked. Completely subpar.

The gameplay, it is beyond clunky, the camera is a disaster, the movement is unresponsive, the combat feels really strange, it does have somewhat of a combo system but that doesnt really matter anyway since the enemies have invincibility frames when you hit them x number of times and you dont, apart from that the combat is extremely easy and the stealth kills even more so, I think I'd regard it more like a puzzle platformer than an action game given how little variety there is in the combat.

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The platforming CAN be good, but is not good all the time, especially in areas where you have to move the camera around or push your joystick / direction keys to a specific position and the character decides it wants to move sideways anyway because yes. The ambience in the game is decent and the variety is not much but the few levels where you get to go around more open areas are good.

All in all, it was a good game when I first played it and I attribute that to the "first experience" effect and I'm glad I got to play the game before I got so critical of everything that comes my way, a time when everything was the best simply because it worked.

If there's one thing I've learned from all of this is that nostalgia should stay where it came from, buried deep inside out hearts as a beautiful memory of something good. And that in gaming no matter how good you remember a game to be, it is not worth it to really find out if it was as good as you remember, better let it stay as a memory, as a distant song of better times playing in repeat inside your head.

Stay safe folks!

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