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Problems with inconsistent tracking. Please help if you have any ideas.

Content of the article: "Problems with inconsistent tracking. Please help if you have any ideas."

Hey everyone.

So I’ve had a PSVR for maybe 2-3 months. I used to love it but am developing a love/hate relationship with it due to inconsistent tracking issues that have seemingly arisen out of nowhere.

PROBLEM – My tracking is working great for about 15 minutes or so and everything tracks nice and smooth. Maybe 15 minutes in, Out of nowhere my tracking starts going off and when I raise my move controller directly up and down I can see that it starts shifting to the left or right at a certain point (in the game). The moves sensors are not “teleporting” for lack of a better word. They just don’t track my actual movements. In VR it looks like I’m raising my Saber (in beat saber) from the bottom of the floor to the top and at a certain point, instead of going in a straight path, it tracks my moves as if I was slightly moving my arms to the side while raising them up (in a somewhat diagonal path) but in actuality I am raising them directly up in a vertical path. I can see that sometimes my moves just start shifting degrees out of nowhere as well.

This did not used to happen before. I feel like I have tried everything and I am starting to get exhausted trying to figure this out.

Has anyone experience this before? Perfect tracking at first everytime I turn on the VR headset but the tracking inevitably ends up shifting as I explained.

No reflections (even so that wouldn’t make sense because it works well at first). I’ve tried reinstalling PS4 database. I’ve tried unplugging PS4 and PSVR processor unit, and all connection and leaving them unplugged for a few minutes and reconnecting. I’ve tried green light, orange light, no light, dim light, black or other non reflective shirt on, no shirt on. I’ve tried holding start and resetting position.

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If anyone has any ideas I would be very appreciative. I just can’t figure this out and I’m beginning to think that there must be some aspect that is defective. I really rather not have to send it out to Sony but I can’t really think of anything else. Plus, I’m not sure if it’s the headset, camera, or moves.


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