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PROTOTYPE – a true anti-hero fantasy

Content of the article: "PROTOTYPE – a true anti-hero fantasy"

I remember back in the day, when the hot internet debate at the time was this vs Infamous. I never got to play Infamous, but I did play Prototype, and I bought it again the other day on the PS store.

What a game. It’s everything you wish you could do in an open world game. Just chaotic destruction and slaughter.

For those unfamiliar, the basic premise for this sandbox of bloodlust is NYC has been ravaged by a mysterious virus, while at the same time a secret military organisation is working with the army to suppress the contagion. The cool part about the world map, is that this ties in to more and more of the city being lost to infection as the game goes on as the military set up new ‘blue’ zones to protect the city, making the map feel less static.

Now there’s no need to beat around the bush. The story kind of sucks in both the first and second game, but it’s nothing more than a justification for the gameplay and that’s okay.

In no other game do you drop from a high rise into a war-torn street – civilians running in panic, soldiers being overrun at checkpoints and infected of all shapes and sizes killing everything in their path… and that’s before you come in.

Infected with the virus yourself, you are a demi-god amongst men. As you land, you morph your arms into razor sharp blades and cut through a small group of civilians like a hot knife through butter.

The spray of blood is seen by a nearby soldier, who tries to call in reinforcements, but is bulldozed by a giant monster before he can do so. You turn around, grabbing another man by the throat, before crushing his head into his torso and absorbing his body and memories, which can lead to uncovering more of the background story, or new skills.

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A helicopter sees you but it’s fine. You pick up a car and launch it at the chopper, before slamming your fist into the ground and impaling a whole squad of enemies at once.

As you leave, you assume the form of the man you swallowed, and fade back into the public.

It’s just a fantastic game for pure carnage and uncaring gore. The graphics are definitely yesteryear but performance is good and stable. It deserves a comeback, which is sadly may not get but it’s worth playing. Being the true antagonist is so rare (yes, the story is more anti-hero but you still slaughter thousands and thousands of innocents).


If you have ever wanted to be Venom, but even more deadly, gory and a true bad guy, play this game. It should be dirt cheap to pick up now.


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