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PS4 can’t connect to online game servers (please help)

Content of the article: "PS4 can’t connect to online game servers (please help)"

So a couple of days ago, I was playing on my PlayStation and everything was fine. I leave for a day to go to a friends house and when I return, I’m unable to connect to any online game servers. I tried playing Modern Warfare and I keep getting the “unable to connect to online services” message. No matter what method I did, it never worked.

The servers were working perfectly fine for my friends. I tried playing battlefield 1 and that worked, although the connection was quite unstable and sometimes I kept on disconnecting from the game servers.

I’m not sure about other games as those are my only two online paid games, and those games are the only ones that appear to be having this issue unlike free games like fortnite.

Anyways, I’ve done a lot of research and I can’t find anything that has helped me in any way. I’ve tried to do the following things but they havent worked at all

  • Changed DNS to and
  • Restarted ps4
  • Restarted modem
  • Port forwarded my router to PS4(Im about to confirm with my ISP whether I have done it correctly but if anyone can give a step by step guide for doing it that would be helpful)
  • Factory reset my PlayStation
  • Rebuilt database in safe mode
  • Changed MTU from 1500 to 1473
  • Changed my internet from 5g to 2.4g (I’m using a PS4 slim by the way if that make a difference with the internet type)
  • even mobile data doesn’t work
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Still no luck. I really want to fix this as soon as possible before my break finishes in two weeks.

As mentioned, I haven’t spoken to my ISP yet, and I have also not spoken to PlayStation support because I want a clear understanding of what this problem is so I can address it either one. Im thinking this is something to do with my router’s firewall but I practically know nothing about my router so I’m not sure.

Anyway if someone could provide some details or a “diagnosis” of what’s happening, that would be much appreciated. If my ISP can provide details on this and perhaps fix it, I will reply to this thread. I also want to know whether this may have been caused by a DDOS attack or potential virus. Anyways, thank you in advance and I’m hoping someone will be able to provide an explanation for this. If anything isn’t clear, feel free to reply with a question.


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